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  1. Unravel 2024

    Unravel 2024 is almost here and we are super excited. This year we are in the Cellar Bar and we are looking forward to catching up with a lot of old friends and making new ones. You can find us in the Cellar Bar. To get there follow the stairs heading down directly opposite the entrance. Go through the door...
    Unravel 2024
  2. Virtual Knit Night February 8th

    Like seriously! Where did this morning disappear to? I came in with a plan, and now half a day later it doesn't seems to have moved at all. My favourite word for this feeling is discombobulated. Discombobulate kind of sounds like you feel when you're disoriented: bouncing around in several directions at once - which is exactly what is happening...
    Virtual Knit Night February 8th
  3. Virtual Knit Night January 11th

    With the last virtual before Christmas cancelled, it feels like we haven't seen each other in like 'forever'. Admittedly, running a yarn shop at that time of year is incredibly stressful, a lot of fun, but very hectic. BUT then comes calm and ease, when you finally find yourself on the sofa with days off to properly indulge in your...
    Virtual Knit Night January 11th
  4. Virtual Knit Night December 14th

    Some times, not often, but occasionally, even the Queen of Multitasking and the Master of untangling strings has to admit defeat. With the run up to Christmas running a shop, half of my family being down with a nasty flu, and with me finding that there just aren't enough hours in a day - sadly, I know, but I have...
    Virtual Knit Night December 14th
  5. Virtual Knit Night November 9th

    I’m resurfacing, crawling out from behind the covid fog, I have to admit that this round was particularly rough. Slowly breathing and slowly getting back on track with everything Knit With Attitude, I’m so grateful for my wonderful staff that are able to steer this ship with steady hands even when I’m not there. Back in the shop, surrounded by...
    Virtual Knit Night November 9th
  6. Virtual Knit Night October 12th

    Both the real world and our knitting world is in a turmoil these days, and if you are feeling confused, stressed and just completely 'out of it', you are definitely not alone. We need to create space to breathe and gather ourselves, and we need to openly communicate with each other. I am so looking forward to our knit night...
  7. Virtual Knit Night September 14th

    Did you have a lovely summer break? I for sure did! Sometimes you need a break to fully appreciate the positives of everyday life - and I am so ready to get back into the swing of it, starting with our first Virtual of the season tonight! What are you working on? I can't wait to see! I am frantically...
    Virtual Knit Night September 14th
  8. Virtual Knit Night July 13th

    What a day! You know, one of those where everything you touch turns to poo. So far I've had my server crash, deliveries missing what they should contain, a meeting I had to cancel, my blog not accepting my password, and an international shipping disaster for a delivery that was supposed to arrive last week ... and it isn't passed...
    Virtual Knit Night July 13th
  9. For The Love of ... 2023

    Can you believe it has been a year already? The intention is to create stronger bonds between us as a community, making space for the joy of sharing and being joined together by our love for our crafts and the joy of creating and making. This was such a delightful happening last year – we are so excited to invite...
    For The Love of ... 2023
  10. Virtual Knit Night June 8th

    Summer is here, and something weird happened. It's like with the sun shining and temperatures rising, so did my knitting mojo. Normally I go into a bit of slumber during the hot summer months, and my stitches move very slowly across my needles. Also, as you know, I've been a strict one project at the time girl for a couple...
  11. Meet Maya

    In what decade were you born?In the 70ies, I'm all about that peace and looove baby! Where are you from, and what brought you to London?I'm Norwegian, and in my past life I used to be a filmmaker. I've been visiting London several times in my youth, but my first proper stay was in 2006 when I moved with my...
    Meet Maya
  12. Virtual Knit Night May 11th

    Can you believe it? I'd almost lost hope, but yes it is true, the sun is out and spring IS HERE! I feel it immediately makes such a difference on the general mood surrounding us - there is a little skip in people's step, a smile on their faces, and over all the 'soul of the city' turns brighter and...
    Virtual Knit Night May 11th

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