1. Revisiting &Make Super Bulky

    The chunky yarn has arrived at Knit With Attitude and just in time for some fun chunky winter knits or quick Christmas gifts. It's so lovely to knit with and great for beginners and experienced knitters alike. What better time to revisit it. &Make Super Bulky is made from a soft 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. This plump and quick to...
    Revisiting &Make Super Bulky
  2. Quick gifts for Christmas

    It's that time of year again and many of us might be thinking of knitting or crocheting a gift this festive season. But time is quickly running out and our plans might be more ambitious than hours in the day. So with this blog post I am looking at little projects that are quick to knit but are still thoughtful...
    Quick gifts for Christmas
  3. Recommended Yarn Second Edition - Part Two

    This is part two to the second edition of Recommended Yarn, to read part one follow this link: Second Edition Part One. The theme for the Recommended Yarn series is to look at what is new and knitted up in the yarns we stock. You can check out Recommended Yarn - Part one and Part Two with those links. My criteria for the first...
    Recommended Yarn Second Edition - Part Two
  4. Lotta H. Löthgren's Mushroom Cowl - Favourite Colour Combos

    We really enjoyed having Lotta in the shop the other weekend, it was so great meeting her and hearing about her designs. We loved seeing all the knits from her book Observations: Knits and Essays from the Forest and sharing that with other knitters who came by to see the samples and have a chat. We are excited to see...
    Lotta H. Löthgren's Mushroom Cowl - Favourite Colour Combos
  5. Virtual Knit Night November 9th

    I’m resurfacing, crawling out from behind the covid fog, I have to admit that this round was particularly rough. Slowly breathing and slowly getting back on track with everything Knit With Attitude, I’m so grateful for my wonderful staff that are able to steer this ship with steady hands even when I’m not there. Back in the shop, surrounded by...
    Virtual Knit Night November 9th
  6. Yarn Pairings - Pom Pom 47

    Pom Pom Issue 47 is around the corner and the Winter issue Monochrome is full of delightful patterns to keep you knitting through the coming months. The theme for this issue is subtle colour combinations. So designs that focus on shades of the same colour, textural differences or shadows and depth. Designers featured are Sara Ottosson, Rebecca Clow, Alessandra Gropazzi...
    Yarn Pairings - Pom Pom 47
  7. Recommended Yarn - Second Edition Part One

    The recommended yarn blog posts earlier in the year were really popular so it has encouraged me to keep it up as a regular series. Maybe three or four times a year I will check in and see what is new and designed in the yarns we sell. The theme for the Recommended Yarn series is to look at what...
    Recommended Yarn - Second Edition Part One
  8. Needles for Socks

    We have made many posts looking at the beautiful sock friendly yarns along with various sock patterns and books over the years. But this post is dedicated to the tools you need to create the socks themselves. The foundation of every knitters work, your needles. There are different ways to knit a sock and different needles available to you, but...
    Needles for Socks
  9. Virtual Knit Night October 12th

    Both the real world and our knitting world is in a turmoil these days, and if you are feeling confused, stressed and just completely 'out of it', you are definitely not alone. We need to create space to breathe and gather ourselves, and we need to openly communicate with each other. I am so looking forward to our knit night...
  10. A Deep Dive into Stranded Colourwork

    It is probably the Northener in me, or more accurate, me being a Norwegian that makes me crave woolly jumpers as soon as autumn is here – but not any woolly jumper – oh no, I'm talking about proper thick proper wool proper bashing around in the snow jumpers! Now admittedly it's been years since I was bashing around in...
    A Deep Dive into Stranded Colourwork
  11. Design Focus - Camisole no. 9

    With more than a decade in the fashion industry, when creating My Favourite Things Louise Rasmussen's main focus has been to create classic and timeless wardrobe favourites of high quality, that lasts for more than a season: simple but aesthetically pleasing designs with thought out details, always aiming for 'the perfect fit'. Here at Knit with attitude we're huge fans of My...
    Design Focus - Camisole no. 9
  12. New Yarn - Woven Beyond

    I can not even begin to tell you how many requests I receive every day from yarn mass producers wanting to present their range to me. To be perfectly honest, most of them go completely ignored and left un-responded to, because from the very first eyesight it is clear to me they haven't even bothered to check on beforehand what...
    New Yarn - Woven Beyond

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