February 2015

  1. February

    A few glimpses of what's been happening at Knit with attitude while we're waiting for spring. We're working on a new bright coloured window display. This little one was mighty pleased with his new robot hat. We've swapped the granny squares for a new fresh counter look. Gorgeous Kaja came by to show off her latest creation.
  2. A Creative Journey

    I've known Kaja for a few years now, one of the very first customers I had coming through my doors when setting up my shop and with time a dear friend, and I've had the pleasure of observing her approach to knitting. A process I find both fascinating and amusing. You see, where most of us decide on what we...
  3. What about learning something new?

    After hibernating trough the winter and the last cold spells, where all you want to do in cuddle up at home preferably under a nice cosy blanket, it is refreshing to finally feel that the energy level is rising. As the days grow longer and brighter I definitely feel more energetic. It is easier to find that initiative to get...

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