July 2013

  1. Pure bliss

    Ah pure bliss! No, I'm not talking about my summer crocheting but the fact that I finally had time to give myself a long time sought after manicure last night!
  2. Cool down - Pinterest round up

    Seriously, I'm melting! I can't eat, sleep, walk or think, I'm absolutely transformed into an amoeba because of the heat. I'm not complaining though, after all we waited for a long time for this year's summer to appear. Being useless at most these days, there is one thing I can do: having lots and lots of ice cream and cool...
  3. A Hank of Art

    Oh what a wonderful sunny week we've had in London, and it was in due time, the winter seemed to be going on forever. At Knit with attitude we have monthly knit nights, the second Thursday of every month, and this week we decided to move outside. After having spent the whole day at work inside, it was absolutely lovely...
  4. Maya's Pouf

    Whoa, that was a quick one! My pouf is finished and it took me about two evenings to complete it, and I have to say I'm absolutely in love with this Jersey be Good yarn...eh...strips...eh...stuff. I'm pretty pleased with my just-start-and-see-what-happens design as well. The pouf that I have made, in addition to being a cool and comfortable accessory for...
  5. Hoopla Hey!

    Rarely do I get as excited as I am about this new yarn. Hooplayarn has been on my shop wish list for a long time, and finally I have them in stock. The definition of upcycling is 'the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value'. Hooplayarn...
    Hoopla Hey!
  6. Pinterest round up - crafty DIY favourites

    I absolutely love Pinterest. People use it in all different kinds of ways, I mainly use it as a visual to do list and to collect beautiful pictures of beautiful stuff. The only problem is that my to do list is forever growing and I can't seem to find the time to actually do those lovely projects, but collect them...

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