Woven Beyond

Woven Beyond is the very exciting initiative and brain child of Gloria Mazzer, and here at Knit With Attitude we are nothing less but absolutely thrilled to partake in her journey towards a more sustainable yarn production!

For over a decade, Gloria Mazzer has worked for global fashion brands like Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Diane von Furstenberg. Becoming increasingly frustrated by the apparent wastage of the fashion industry, lack of transparency in the long supply chains and a reliance of synthetic materials, she decided to dedicate herself to solving some of theses challenges within the industry. Her journey brought her to understand the deep, and underestimated, link between the food and fiber production industries, and is now a growing voice in the advocacy of regenerative farming practices, circularity and biomimicry. She works to empower farmers and promotes regenerative design to brands, bridging the gap between fashion and farming.

Woven Beyond's is built upon a set of clearly defined values:
• Promoting a fashion industry free from plastic-based fibres.
• Fully traceable raw materials.
• A transparent supply chain.
• Wealth redistribution across the supply chain.
• Supporting regenerative farming to mitigate climate change,
promote biodiversity, soil restoration and clean water.

Woven Beyond yarns are made with natural fibres that are sustainably grown and fully traceable. They exclusively utilise fibres sourced from farms that operate in synergy with their surrounding ecosystems and that actively engage in restoring nature. Woven Beyond advocate for the adoption of natural fibers in the fashion and crafting industry as a means to phase out the production and use of harmful plastic-based fibres like nylon and acrylic. They believe that fashion can thrive with nature and be a catalyst for positive change!

We are incredibly proud to present Woven Beyond's first fully traceable and sustainable yarn collection showcasing French Merino D’Arles wool and Himalayan Nettle, and even with a dash of Lotus fibre. By blending these fibers in various ways, they have created a distinct yarn range that is not only visually stunning but also incredibly soft to the touch.

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