June 2023

  1. Colour Inspiration - Rainy Days

    I'm continuing with my colour inspiration posts with the idea of not looking at a particular colour but having a particular theme to guide me. Next up in the series is Rainy Days. I was woken up the other night by a very loud thunderstorm that passed over us bringing heavy rain with it. After looking at a more romantic...
    Colour Inspiration - Rainy Days
  2. Swatches and a Sock - Knitting Katla Sokkaband

    I've longed to knit Hélène Magnússon Katla Sokkaband ever since it arrived in the shop just before Unravel in spring this year. A solid yarn made up of 4 strands of Love Story Einband plied together has made it extremely intriguing. So I bit the bullet and cast on a sock, undeterred by the fact that it is the hottest...
    Swatches and a Sock - Knitting Katla Sokkaband
  3. On Varre's Needles

    Spring is finally here, and it’s joyous. The sun is out, everyone’s breaking out their shorts, t-shirts and sandals. So what better time to cast on… a jumper! The perfect time to finally start the jumper I’ve been collecting yarn for for over a year? Not a chance! Instead I’ve been tempted by the plethora of pattern ideas around the...
    On Varre's Needles
  4. Colour Inspiration - From Sunrise to Sunset

    I'm starting a new Colour Inspiration series on the blog. This time I'm not looking at a particular colour but having a particular theme to guide me. I'm starting off with the Sun. The weather has been lovely and warm in London this past week and summer is just around the corner so the sun seems like a perfect place...
    Colour Inspiration - From Sunrise to Sunset
  5. For The Love of ... 2023

    Can you believe it has been a year already? The intention is to create stronger bonds between us as a community, making space for the joy of sharing and being joined together by our love for our crafts and the joy of creating and making. This was such a delightful happening last year – we are so excited to invite...
    For The Love of ... 2023
  6. Knit a Neutral - Plant Fibre Edition

    In 2019 I did a whole blog series called Knit A Rainbow which ended with a Knit a Neutral post. I have been reminiscing over this series so have decided to bring back Knit a Neutral. But because the weather is hotting up I have decided to focus on plant fibres. There are some beautiful neutral shades that would make...
    Knit a Neutral - Plant Fibre Edition
  7. New Yarn - Tukuwool DK

    A delivery arrived from Finland. This delivery contained the most beautiful woolly yarn. That yarn is Tukuwool DK and it is now sitting very happily on the shelves of Knit With Attitude. What arrived was the most tempting selection of 20 colours of Tukuwool DK a 100% Finnish wool. Tukuwool DK is a woollen spun DK weight, plump and woolly...
    New Yarn - Tukuwool DK
  8. Virtual Knit Night June 8th

    Summer is here, and something weird happened. It's like with the sun shining and temperatures rising, so did my knitting mojo. Normally I go into a bit of slumber during the hot summer months, and my stitches move very slowly across my needles. Also, as you know, I've been a strict one project at the time girl for a couple...

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