The full range of the relaunched Hey Mama Wolf yarn has been calling me from the shelves so I've started a little scarf side quest. I have got it into my head that I want to knit one skein scarfs in all the Hey Mama Wolf yarns. For one they make a great shop sample showing you how the yarn knits and drapes over a large area. They also show how much you can get from one skein which is always useful when choosing yarn for a project. One skein projects are fun and quick and a great idea for gifts. It's also a great way for me to get to know the new yarn. First up I have knit Hey Mama Wolf Mokosh into the Bassenfell Scarf (link Ravelry) by the Fibre Co.

Mokosh is the most delicious sport weight organic Merino d'Arles. Merino d'Arles is a sheep breed originating from the South-East of France in the 19th Century from breeding the local sheep of the Arles with the fine Spanish Merino. This as you would expect has given a beautifully soft yarn and one of the softest native to Europe. It has a plump smoothness to it which flows and drapes perfectly and due to the high crimp in the fleece the yarn is airy, light and warm. It has a wonderful crisp stitch definition making cables and textural stitches really pop. What's more is that Mokosh is certified organic by the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

We have introduced the full range of 11 colours which are rich and sophisticated, complementing the naturally dyed colours that Hey Mama Wolf is known for. The colour I chose to knit my is the Hawthorn Pink colour a warm and inviting gentle pink.

I knit the Bassenfell Scarf (link to Ravelry) by The Fibre Co as I was looking for something simple but with just the right amount of detail to keep me interested. The scarf is a generous size given that it is only made from one skein. Mine measures 150 x 17cm and weighs 90g, so I could have certainly made it longer.

Knit from tip to tip with asymmetric points at either end. Two rows of textural cluster stitches run along the centre and the rest is garter stitch. I-cord edges create a finished look at the sides that are worked while you knit. All in all this is a very simple project but with enough to challenge a beginner if they are looking for their next scarf project that is not just endless garter stitch. It also makes a relaxing knit for an experienced knitter and I found it a great traveling and knit night project. The resulting scarf is narrow but long enough to wrap around my neck creating the perfect spring scarf to have in your bag just in case.

Watch this space as I'm planning to cast on Hey Mama Wolf Ylva next.