May 2015

  1. Welcome to the world of
    Kettle Yarn Co

    There is always a lot of excitement in introducing a new brand to Knit with attitude, a lot of effort and care go into choosing what I believe would be the 'perfect addition' to our selection. So that I get to see and touch 'a lot' of beautiful and lush fibers is really an understatement, I am spoilt in that...
  2. Manos del Uruguay - The Story

    When I was playing with the thought of opening a yarn shop with ethical yarns (years and years ago), I was determined that one of my brands should be Manos del Uruguay! They've been with me from the very beginning of this adventure that is Knit with attitude, and this little movie explains why. Enjoy!
  3. Brand New:
    Vivacious Kids Collection

    Let me tell you, we've been all oohs and aahs here at Knit with attitude lately, opening boxes filled with the new shades of Vivacious, and under the bags filled with yarny yumminess, what did we find? The new Vivacious collection! A collection filled with kids' wear that is brilliantly suitable for the bright colours of the Vivacious DK and 4Ply yarns...
  4. Fibre Fridays: Round Up

    As all good things must come to an end, we are rounding up this series of Fibre Fridays posts. We have had a great time talking about our favourite fibres and yarns and all the reasons (good and bad!) that they make good summer tops, why we stock them and how they fit with our ethical and environmentally friendly mandate...
  5. Fibre Fridays: Soy and Bamboo

    As knitters become more conscious of where their yarns come from, we are getting more interest in what are often categorized as vegan yarns. These are yarns that do not come from an animal. We've already talked about the most obvious ones, cotton and linen, but there are a few others that we carry in the shop as well that...
  6. Guest Post - Knit a Tulip for Me

    This guest blog post is submitted and written by Judy Wise of The Association of Young People with ME (AYME). Please note that Knit with attitude is not involved in this campaign directly and that all questions you might have need to be addresses with the organisers. KNITTERS NEEDED! A group of Mums whose children all suffer from ME have...
  7. Fibre Fridays: Alpaca

    This week we want to talk about Alpaca! Alpaca is a great fibre originally from South America. The alpaca animal comes from the camelid family. The fibre is long and lustrous, with no lanolin or barbs that wool has. Alpaca is known for having fantastic drape and a bit of shine as well. Alpaca fibre is very warm, but can...

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