1. What Maya and George Knits - Camisole No.5

    George's Orange One I can't quite remember what came first. Was it Maya's blog post Summer Knits in June 2022 or when a customer came in looking for yarn to knit the Camisole No.5. But either way we were both hooked on the idea of knitting Camisole No.5 by My Favourite Things and especially knitting it in Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply...
    What Maya and George Knits - Camisole No.5
  2. On Maya's Needles

    I'm living in the hope of spring arriving soon, but at the moment this seems like a distant dream. The weather is London is horrible at the moment, as a Norwegian I shouldn't complain - but seriously this is cold! Currently on my needles (those active ones, there is no denying I've got other projects hibernating ...) are two projects...
    On Maya's Needles
  3. Revisiting Lore from the Fibre Co.

    We have had a massive restock from the Fibre Co recently including lots of our much loved yarns. This includes the beautiful Lore, which we now have in 22 different colours. This means it is the perfect time to look back at this stunning yarn along with some pattern suggestions to get you inspired. Read on to find out more...
    Revisiting Lore from the Fibre Co.
  4. Yarn Pairings for Pom Pom Issue 44

    This spring issue of Pom Pom is so bright and colourful it will certainly banish those grey winter days. Taking inspiration from printing processes that layer up imagery like risograph and screen printing. Expect lots of overlapping colours, transparent textures and colourwork, all in an array of zingy and fresh tones. Inside are nine designs by Klara Nilsson, Maren Odenthal...
    Yarn Pairings for Pom Pom Issue 44
  5. Lets talk about socks, baby.

    We have been having a sock themed week at Knit With Attitude. Everywhere we turn sock based inspiration is calling out to us. I seem to go through sock phases, I become completely obsessed and then the urge passes and I don't knit one for another year. Though I'm currently riding a sock wave and I have three different pairs...
    Lets talk about socks, baby.
  6. It's a wrap

    We are craving comfort at the moment and large scarves and wraps are really calling to me. Though I don't want anything too bulky and heavy, something light an airy that I can wrap round and round me sounds just about perfect. There is something about a classic long rectangular shape that I really like. No matter how light the...
    It's a wrap
  7. Time for a new project - Blankets!

    I have a real craving for comforting knits. The weather has been freezing here and I just want to hunker down on my sofa and wrap myself up in a large blanket. I have a few blankets at home that decorate my living room, but you can always have more right? This blog post is looking at some fun blanket...
    Time for a new project - Blankets!
  8. Time for a new Project - Tamdou by Melanie Berg

    Have you noticed the window display recently? I try to change it up every now and again and have decided to embrace the Pantone Colour of the year which is Magenta. You can read more about that in this blog post. image - the fibre co Hanging in the window is a beautiful magenta, purple and grey version of Tamdou...
    Time for a new Project - Tamdou by Melanie Berg
  9. Ready Set Socks!

    Look what has just skipped through the door! Its Rachel Coopey's Ready Set Socks! This blog post makes a great continuation of Knits for Busy Times. A sock is a great little project to have on the needles to pick up and put down when you have the time. Ready Set Socks is a collection of sock patterns by sock...
    Ready Set Socks!
  10. A Balaclava Craze

    We are noticing a bit of a balaclava craze here in the shop and lots of people have been coming in either wearing one or wanting to knit one. Like them or loathe them they are the ideal headgear for this chilly winter weather. An all round hood that keeps your head, ears and neck warm has to be a...
    A Balaclava Craze
  11. Knits for Busy Times

    This time of year can get quite hectic. You might be traveling, you might be visiting family or friends or even going away on holiday. Whatever you find yourself doing, your precious knitting time might be disappearing fast. Of course it's still nice to keep you hands busy with something that you can do while chatting away and enjoying a...
    Knits for Busy Times
  12. Yarn Pairings for Laine Issue 16

    The latest issue of Laine Magazine is always hotly anticipated and with good reason. The Laine team have an amazing skill at bringing together a selection of talented designers and producing a cohesive collection of patterns. All packaged within the cover of a beautifully designed magazine. This post I will take a look at the designs for the upcoming Issue...
    Yarn Pairings for Laine Issue 16

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