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  1. Virtual Knit Night March 4th

    Finishing my first Hilja Mitt I shamelessly did my nail polish in a matching colour for stylish showing off pictures. I'm eagerly casting on the second mitt tonight - but wonder if I'll get it done by the time my nails start flaking and I'll have to do it all over again. How about you? Are you showing off something...
    Virtual Knit Night March 4th
  2. Virtual Knit Night February 25th

    Well, for once, I'm actually knitting! Any yarn shop owner will tell you that they've never knitted as little as after opening the shop - there just isn't enough time! But with both the Hilja KAL happening and my test for Strands of Joy, and with knit night tonight, actual knitting has finally taken precedence in my life. Oh I...
    Virtual Knit Night February 25th
  3. Virtual Knit Night February 18th

    This week I've hardly touched my needles, I've been preparing for the iKnit7 Hilja Mitts KAL and so I've done nothing but wrap up kit parcels to get them shipped out as quickly as possible. I've spent literarily every available second on my feet in the shop. Normally we are three people sharing this job, but as social distancing and...
    Virtual Knit Night February 18th
  4. Virtual Knit Night February 11th

    I am a cardigan, sweater and shawl knitter. I'm definitely a big projects girl! But lately I've had this craving for smaller, quicker maybe, and more manageable projects. This might have to do with us experiencing the coldest winter in London for more than 10 years - and you know cold fingers and toes ... as knitters there are easy...
    Virtual <span>Knit Night</span> February 11th
  5. Virtual Knit Night February 4th

    Right now I'm hearing my youngest scrambling about in the kitchen, he is making dinner and we're having pancakes. We're going to have a feast! Thursday is the day for early dinners in my household, the point is to feed mum before she locks herself in to host her weekly knit nights. And so is the case tonight, I'm really...
  6. Virtual Knit Night January 28th

    It is THURSDAY! Ya'll know what that means! Just a week has passed since I enthusiastically shared my new project and newfound yarny obsession with you all, and you know what - I haven't grown tired of it at all! I can't wait to show off my colour-work progress, and I'm just as excited to see what you guys are...
    Virtual Knit Night January 28th
  7. Virtual Knit Night January 21st

    I've had to put all other projects on hold, as I've taken on another test knit with a very short deadline, knowing myself I took it for granted that I would fail completely meeting this - but lo and behold ... I'm completely obsessed! It is for an upcoming publication I am very excited about - especially now - and...
    Virtual Knit Night January 21st
  8. Virtual Knit Night January 14th

    In my KWA newsletter today I wrote about being isolated and apart, still not being alone - I truly believe that our community and most definitely our weekly knit nights play a big part in maintaining this within me, and I hope the same goes for you. Lets hang out together tonight! The details are the same as always, we...
    Virtual Knit Night January 14th
  9. Virtual Knit Night January 7th

    The holiday for me was all about embracing your mistakes, as I mindlessly knitted away I made so many of them. This week is about finding focus, and after ripping back rows and rows, my project is back on track. Just in time for our first virtual of the year, I hope to see you tonight! The details are the...
    Virtual Knit Night January 7th
  10. Virtual Knit Night December 17th

    Oh you know I've been a good girl this year, monogamously, admittedly quite boringly, not necessarily enthusiastically and hence painfully slow, but yes, I've been working on all those unfinished projects I had gathered throughout the previous few years. Last knit night we saluted one of those projects, one of the greatest hurdles, to be honest it is a miracle...
    Virtual Knit Night December 17th
  11. Virtual Knit Night December 10th

    When we started our regular virtuals mid-March a consistent theme was what to knit next, facing world wide lockdowns and collective fear, not exactly knowing what this was all about, as crafters at least the extra time at home gave promises of activity, and we all had ambitious ideas about completing one project after the other. My poncho, a project...
    Virtual Knit Night December 10th
  12. Virtual Knit Night December 3rd

    It is a grey heavy day and absolutely freezing in ol' London Town today, and I can't come up with any better idea than to curl up for a cozy warm knit night tonight (yes, definitely metaphorically speaking about our wonderful atmosphere here ... ). My poncho is getting close to finish and will keep my lap warm while knitting...
    <span>Virtual</span> Knit Night December 3rd

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