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A well established, highly reputable, maker of sustainable yarns, Quince & Co. was launched in 2010 by handknitting designer Pam Allen in partnership with a historic mill in Maine US. Pam set out to delight and inspire knitters with materials of integrity and beauty. Since then the dedication to quality, history, and a modern, clean aesthetic is at the very core of everything Quince & Co do.

Quince & Co's philosophy is that businesses do not exist in a vacuum. Every business is dependent on, and in turn is depended upon by the people, businesses and organisations around it. Quince & Co believes businesses can be good citizens—should be good citizens — without making too much of a fuss about it. Humans are taking more than Earth can give, and we are wounding our small planet faster than it can heal. With nearly eight billion people trying to thrive here, we all need to consider how we can help. As a business with wide reach, though, Quince & Co feel they have an even greater responsibility — and opportunity — to positively impact the planet and its ecosystems. They strive for stewardship up and down their yarn supply chain, use responsibly farmed natural, renewable fibres, work with mills and dye houses that share their values, and minimise transit distances as much as they can.

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