July 2022

  1. Cotton, Cotton / Bamboo, Bamboo

    It's hotting up but our knitting hands still want to keep busy. So what do they crave, plant fibres! Plant fibres are the cool breeze of the knitting world and we have just had a delivery of the lovely Nurturing Fibres, Eco-Cotton, Eco-Fusion and Eco Bamboo. These hand dyed yarns are what your hot hands have been asking for. Nurturing...
    Cotton, Cotton / Bamboo, Bamboo
  2. Virtual Knit Night July 14th

    I just have to admit defeat in this friendly knitting race of ours, as George has already finished his. In fact, in this heat he is strutting around in his summer tank, just proving what a brilliant summer garment this is, and I am really eager to get mine done as well! So it's pretty obvious what I'll be working...
    Virtual Knit Night July 14th
  3. Colour Inspiration

    Some colour / fibre combos to feast your eyes this summer weekend! ⁠You know those patterns where it says for requirements: "200g - 300g of fingering or 4Ply yarn", where the designer have used the must stunning colour combo but when coming up with one of your own you draw completely blank. With the arrival of some new gorgeous Black...
    Colour Inspiration

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