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  1. Virtual Knit Night September 17th

    When I've not been completely immersed in everything anniversary book, last week has been spent manically knitting, but no ... it seems I've failed at test knitting again. With one sleeve left to do, the pattern I'm testing is launching tomorrow! Stay tuned for the Filigree Sweater! Now the question is, who can catch up with me? I can't wait...
    Virtual Knit Night September 17th
  2. Virtual Knit Night September 10th

    So there is this test knit I'm doing for a friend of mine, which was supposed to finish the 1st - well at least I've managed to finish the body! Meaning I currently have 4 WIP projects on my needles, and not only are they work-in-progress projects, they are all sleeves-in-progress... The question is which sleeves to do tonight? The...
    Virtual Knit Night September 10th
  3. Virtual Knit Night September 3rd

    There was this shift in the weather this week, in just a few days we went from proper hot to quite chilly. I don't feel like this was a smooth transition, almost like we just missed 'late summer' and went straight into fall. I do miss these longer chillier evenings though, they usually provide heaps of knitting time - the...
    Virtual <span>Knit Night</span> September 3rd
  4. Virtual Knit Night August 27th

    Community has always been at the very chore of what we do here at Knit with attitude. When planning for and developing our upcoming anniversary book we set our goals, one of them being to bring Knit with attitude into people's homes, to gift a piece of us and our surroundings, no matter where the reader happened to be in...
    Virtual Knit Night August 27th
  5. Virtual Knit Night August 20th

    How did this happen, how did I go from being monogamous to having four projects on the go? I'm currently doing a test knit for a dear friend of mine, which involves lace too complicated to work on at tonight's knit night, so I might just finish a sleeve on another project instead. Hope to see you there! The details...
    Virtual Knit Night August 20th
  6. Virtual Knit Night August 13th

    After our one week break, due to me going on holiday, we are ready to gather again, needles and laughter included! I don't know about you guys, but the heat the last week made all my holiday knitting plans fly out of the window. I've started a new project which involves a woolly singles yarn, and every time I tried...
    Virtual Knit Night August 13th
  7. Virtual Knit Night July 30th

    I've finished the body of my Summer KAL Milkweed determined to be able to wear it when I'm going on holiday next week! Tonight I'm getting onto those sleeves, and hope to see you and your knitting at our Virtual Knit Night. I did some quick counting and what do you know - this is our 20th Zoom gathering! The...
    Virtual Knit Night July 30th
  8. Virtual Knit Night July 23rd

    We launched our Summer KAL – KWA does Milkweed last week, I'm barely able to put my knitting down. The feel of the two threads twisting together around my fingers, the linen and the silk, the lush smooth and crisp fabric it makes, let me tell you, this project is such a pleasurable tactile experience and I can't wait to...
  9. Virtual Knit Night July 16th

    I was meant to finish up a few wips, but then I fell in love with not one, but two, jumper projects. I'll be working on one of them tonight and am super-excited about showing you the progress! The details are the same as always, we are on from 7pm to 8.30pm UK time, you'll find the link to join...
    Virtual Knit Night July 16th
  10. Virtual Knit Night July 9th

    This week I learned to drink gin, and so so so paying for it afterwards, I'm not sure whether or not to take my new knowledge on to tonight's knit night. BUT I do know one thing for sure, and that is that I will show off my newly finished shawl, ends woven in, newly blocked and all... The details...
    Virtual Knit Night July 9th
  11. Virtual Knit Night June 25th

    It is Thursday, and we will be hanging out virtually as one do these days. The heat has most definitely struck London climbing above 30 °C yesterday, I'm not sure what would be more suitable for tonight, ice cream or something bubbly and chilled in my glass. What ever you fancy yourself, I am very much looking forward to seeing...
    Virtual Knit Night June 25th
  12. Virtual Knit Night June 18th

    The shop is open after the lock-down!!! But what happens then with the weekly virtual knit night? Well, nothing, for the foreseeable future. We are all enjoying them so much, and there are so many of you that have expressed a want for them to go on - so we will! Everyone are welcome to join, and I for one...
    Virtual Knit Night June 18th

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