Unravel 2024 is almost here and we are super excited. This year we are in the Cellar Bar and we are looking forward to catching up with a lot of old friends and making new ones.

You can find us in the Cellar Bar. To get there follow the stairs heading down directly opposite the entrance. Go through the door and turn around to the left and you will find us.

Now you know where we are let's have a look at what to expect on our stand when you visit. It is so hard to choose just a handful of things to bring from the shop so we have focused on some of our greatest. In anticipation of the fair we have put together a list of the things we are bringing as a little slice of Knit With Attitude goes on the road.


Black Elephant

We will have lots and lots of hand dyed goodness from Black Elephant, four bases no less. The much loved Wensleydale as well as the Merino Singles and the Suri Cloud. We will also be introducing a new base Corriedale Aran.

Wensleydale is a sock / 4ply weight 100% British pure wool, strong and hardwearing with a high twist, still the long staple length gives a wonderful lustre and silkyness to the touch.

The Merino Singles are dyed in the Black Elephant studio in Sheffield, the production is environmentally conscious and they aim towards a zero waste production. With a glorious colour palette including speckles and semi-solids they are ideal for creating perfect fades and colour combinations for small and large projects alike. The posibilities are endless.

The Suri Cloud fullfills all your fluffy needs, and is a wonderful alternative for any project calling for Kidsilk or Mohair Lace yarns. The lush brushed Suri Alpaca is bound with Silk to provide strength and lustre. This yarn is so soft you won't believe it!

Norne Yarn

We will be bringing a selection go the the much loved Norne Yarn Singles in their range of rich jewel like tones. Norne Yarn's luxurious Merino/Silk/Yak blend in a 4Ply weight yarn with a good twist and a smooth finish, the lustre is almost magical, creating a lovely stitch definition perfect for your next favourite project. This fibre blend beautifully compliments Norne Yarn's colour palette inspired by Norse Mythology, combining the deepest of hues with an almost metalic shine.

We will also have yarn kits for the beautiful Shieldmaiden Shawl which is knit in a combination of Norne Yarn Luxury Cloud and Luxury Fingering. The result is a luxury shield-shawl, to comfort, encourage and give courage for contemporary Shieldmaidens, featuring graphic eyelet lines exploring different directions in each section.

Pickles Tjukk Merino

A brand new range to Knit With Attitude is Pickles and we will be bringing the luscious plump Tjukk Merino.

Pickles Tjukk Merino is your new go-to yarn for those thicker projects where weight matters. This yarn might be scrumtiously worsted but it is light as a feather, so no more sagging of your larger garments, they will stay nicely in shape. In 100% super soft Merino, this yarn is quite forgiving and will help even out your stitches, resulting in a beautyfully consistent stitch definition.

Woven Beyond

Woven Beyond is the very exciting initiative and brain child of Gloria Mazzer, and here at Knit With Attitude we are nothing less but absolutely thrilled to partake in her journey towards a more sustainable yarn production!

For over a decade, Gloria Mazzer has worked for global fashion brands like Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Diane von Furstenberg. Becoming increasingly frustrated by the apparent wastage of the fashion industry, lack of transparency in the long supply chains and a reliance of synthetic materials, she decided to dedicate herself to solving some of theses challenges within the industry. Her journey brought her to understand the deep, and underestimated, link between the food and fiber production industries, and is now a growing voice in the advocacy of regenerative farming practices, circularity and biomimicry. She works to empower farmers and promotes regenerative design to brands, bridging the gap between fashion and farming.

Hélène Magnússon

These Icelandic soft yarns were created by Hélène Magnússon, aka The Icelandic Knitter and Lopapeysa knitter extraordinaire, in the hope that it will help revive some of the Icelandic knitting traditions and give them a new life.

All the yarns are spun from fleeces Hélène hand-selects and grades one by one after the first shearing of the lambs in Iceland. The fleeces are then sent unwashed to be dyed and spun in specialty mills in Italy, which can handle the unique challenges posed by Icelandic wool: It is composed of two very different types or hair, the long and coarse “tog” and the fine and short “þel”, which makes it difficult to spin into a very fine yarn.

We are bringing a selection of the sturdy Katla sock yarn and the delicate Love Story Einband.


G-uld is a small indie natural hand-dyeing venture, based in Bredsten, Denmark. Founded on solid craftsmanship, with an understanding and respect for material, quality and nature. Their colouring and choice of products are rooted in old traditions, and with a great desire for where the past meets the present.

We will bring to Unravel a small selection of these natural dyed yarns including the minis.


We are excited to bring our brand new tote bags so now you can carry your yarn around with ATTITUDE wherever you go.

We will have a limited selection of Knit WIth Attitude notebooks, hand made covers and foiled in gold foil. These A6 sized notebooks contain plain pages ready for you next knitting notes or design ideas.

Waxed Canvas Bucket Bag

The Waxed Canvas Bucket Bag is a must-have for anyone who wants to easily knit anywhere, anytime. The sturdy 12 oz. canvas construction paired with a flat bottom allows this bag to sit upright no matter where life takes you. Not only does the attached drawstring lining keep everything safe inside while in transit, you can also adjust the opening to keep your yarn feeding effortlessly onto your needles as you knit directly from the bag. Think of this as your own mobile yarn bowl. The compact size is wonderful for travel and can easily accommodate a skein or two of yarn and a smaller scale project, such as a hat, scarf, shawl or socks.

Wool Needle Case - Interchangeable Needles

The Twig & Horn Standard Wool Interchangeable Needle Case is an essential utility for knitters, providing a convenient and compact place to hold your most indispensable knitting tools. Designed with 12 spaces for interchangeable knitting needle tips, these cases can fit almost any brand of interchangeable sets. The largest pocket can even accommodate for other tools like scissors and gauges.

Thread & Maple

We will have a small selection of Thread & Maple products. Including: On the Go's, the Notions Clutch and Notions Zips.

Thread & Maple products are handcrafted in Ukraine from velvety soft leather.


We will be bringing a selection of our favourite Cocoknits accessories, including their must have stitch markers. You can never have enough right!

Laine My Knitting Notes

From the creators of the much loved Laine Magazine comes an elegant journal for knitters – My Knitting Notes. This journal helps to collect and organise past and future knitting projects in a beautiful way. The journal has 156 uncoated pages in high quality paper + 4 cover pages, a woven hardcover and a ribbon page marker. New for Winter 2023 is this lovely burgundy colour.

Are you excited - we are ridiculously excited - and can't wait to see you there!