This spring issue of Pom Pom is so bright and colourful it will certainly banish those grey winter days. Taking inspiration from printing processes that layer up imagery like risograph and screen printing. Expect lots of overlapping colours, transparent textures and colourwork, all in an array of zingy and fresh tones.

Inside are nine designs by Klara Nilsson, Maren Odenthal, Jess Kavanagh, Julia Madill, Ara Stella, Susanna Kaartinen, Joanne Fowler, Amalia Sieber and Soraya García. Of course there are also articles that make pompom such an interesting read. A celebration of screen printing by Mei Stephens and a look at the colour yellow by Hannah McGregor. There is also a recipe for Bebinca, a layered Goan dessert. Pom pom 44 is released tomorrow on the 16th of March and you can order your copy here. If you want to get prepared take a look at some yarn suggestions for the designs inside:

Colourbar by Kindred Red. So many colours make up this bold colourwork hat, eight to be precise! But only two colours are ever worked per row and this simple stranded colour work design means minimal yarn tangling and straight forward to knit. Three or four stitches are only ever worked of each colour so there are no long floats to deal with making the whole design pretty neat. Crown decreases are worked after the colourwork chart and finished off with a pompom. I would choose Garthenor Beacons for this, lots of colours to choose from all in 50g.

Halftone by Soraya García. This light and airy cardigan has a simple open shape. Worked seamlessly from the top down, starting flat from the back and knit down to the underarm, the same is then repeated for the fronts. They are then joined and worked in one piece. I like the contrast in colour and texture with the stripes. I would choose the Fibre Co Cirro for the main colour. The stripes are done with a chenille yarn so for that one I would either do a contrast Cirro or the idea of holding two strands of Nurturing Fibres Eco-Bamboo together has entered my mind. The glossy Eco-Bamboo with glisten next to the fluffy Cirro.

Jacquard by Klara Nilsson. I have long admired this designers work on their instagram so very excited to see this stunning piece in Pom pom. These colour work cables are just so mesmerising. Worked in pieces from the bottom up the end result is incredible, I really want to try it. I'm thinking Socks Yeah! for this because of the neons!

Lucent by Jess Kavanagh. Tuck stitches are worked in this mesmerisingly light top which give a rib like structure that carries across the stripes. A deep split hem also adds to the feeling of lightness. Knit from the bottom up, the back and fronts are knitted separately for the split and then joined in the round before dividing again for the armholes. A heavier yarn at the neck, sleeves and hem anchor the light fabric. I would knit this in Black Elephant Suri Cloud, Black Elephant Merino Singles and Vivacious DK.

Overlay by Susanna Kaartinen. I can imagine this brioche top looking completely different every time it is knit. An all over brioche design that features intarsia sections, allowing you to take one colour from one section and pair it with the colour from another. You can choose if you would like sleeves or not and there is even an edition of mohair. There are so many possibilities but I think you want something with a bit of structure like Stranded Dyeworks BFL Nylon and Vivacious 4ply, together these would look awesome. All you need is some Fyberspates Cumulus for the fluff.

Overprint by Julia Madill. I was staring at this for a long time until I realised that it was a clever use of three different colours. These neat crocheted squares are worked separately and then sewn together. It is simple but fun and even has a couple of pockets inside. This is done in a sport weight yarn but I would be tempted as we have had a recent delivery to do it in Vaxbo Lingarn and go down a needle size. It will come out slightly smaller but with the linen you have great structure and it will hold up to being toted around.

Riso by Maren Odenthal. I love a beret and this one is cute and slouchy. Featuring a stranded woven float pattern that gives flashes of colour around the brim. Knitted in the round starting with a provisional cast on, the brim is then folded and knit together. I would choose the Fibre Co Amble and Amble Minis. We have introduced a few new colours of Amble so some great colour combos await.

Strata by ARA STELLA. These cute striped socks use a two colour twisted ladder stitch. Worked from the top down with short row heels. These are fun socks that I could imagine looking great in a muted contrast as well as high contrast options. Socks Yeah! is calling to me for these.

Wefan by Joanne Fowler. This crochet top is super cool. It combines three different yarns in the most intriguing basketweave design. I really want to try it, purely because it looks like a fun make and of course wear. Its worked up in one piece from side to side weaving as you go. You can basically choose three of your favourite yarns, a DK, heavy 4ply, and lace. If I were to choose I would go &Make DK, Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply and Black Elephant Suri Cloud, what a combo!