It is always exciting when a whole new brand arrives at Knit With Attitude and we can't wait to introduce you to Nomadnoos. This range of hand spun yarn is both ethical and sustainable, with a positive social and environmental impact. We are introducing two different ranges of yarn and some cool accessories. Read on to discover everything Nomadnoos.

image - instagram: @nomadnoos

Nomadnoos was founded by Coty Jeronimus who has worked for 25 years in the textile industry as a buyer, sourcing and product manager. She started Nomadnoos as a transparent yarn business. Collaborating with a whole team of people to produce beautiful hand spun yarns that focus on sustainability, the use of natural resources and the craftspeople who make them. Nomadnoos create luxury yarns, sourced from herders in Mongolia and made and hand-spun by women living in developing countries.

Nomadnoos have built a relationship with nomad families living in Mongolia. Using specially made combs the nomads collect the fibre which is washed and carded in a factory in the capital Ulaan Baatar. This factory operates with respect for the environment. The nomad families are also part of a Swiss project called Green Gold. This aims to support the local communities and implement improved pastoral care which translates into greater economic stability. Nomadnoos works with these families to preserve environmental conservation. Giving the them a sustainable income in the face of challenges such as climate change and the exploitation of natural resources.

Nomadnoos have built a relationship with nomad families living in Mongolia
image - instagram: @nomadnoos

The fibre is then hand spun by a group of skilled Nepalese women who live in the surroundings of Kathmandu. These spinners are paid a fee at a living wage so they can support their families. Each spinner is named and their name and face appear on each label.

The spun skeins are then dyed in a small workshop near Kathmandu. The colours used are environmentally friendly and the dyers follow the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZHDC) principles.

Let's take a look at the yarns a little closer.

Nomadnoos Camel Yarn


Dry Desert Camel - A light 4ply yarn made from camel fibre sourced in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Camel fibre is fine and soft and creates warm, but breathable and incredible lightweight fabrics.

Nomadnoos Yak and Sartuul Yarn

Yak and Sartuul

So Soft Yak and Sartuul - A light 4ply yarn made from both the Mongolian yak and native Mongolian Sartuul sheep. From the province of Zavhkan this sheep has an extremely soft undercoat and feels like cashmere to the touch. These two fibres are plied together giving beautiful results.

For gorgeous project ideas and for more about the Nomadnoos story, Coty have just published a book in collaborations with designer Eri Shimizu. Treasure Knitting is a storytelling and pattern book. It tells wonderful stories about Mongolian and Nepalese nature and festivals linked to the different seasons. Inspired by each story Eri Shimizu designed a beautiful collection of 6 projects, all made in the stunning Nomadnoos yarns.

Treasure Knitting – A Nomadnoos book for knitters

For us here at Knit with attitude, Nomadnoos represents those fibre experiences that starts with a warm affection only to develop into a full blown passionate romance! Please check out our online shop for more about this amazing project ready to take the yarn world with storm!