1. What Maya Knits – Tessellated Vest

    As most of you know by now, my knitting time is so precious to me – firstly as it is very limited, secondly because with time I've become slow. With this I noticed a change in my focus, where the end result used to be the main goal, it is now all about the process, the knitting in itself, and...
    What Maya Knits – Tessellated Vest
  2. Back to Black

    As spring has sprung and the days are getting longer dark yarn has become a little less intimidating. Black yarn has a mixed reception amongst crafters, it looks so beautiful and chic knitted up but it sure is tricky on the eyes. Absorbing every little bit of light making fine intricate stitches almost impossible to see, especially on dark evenings...
    Back to Black
  3. Cumulus &

    Cumulus is one of my favourite fuzzy yarns we have in the shop and we have expanded the range. With a great selection of jewel like colours there has never been a better time to try out this yarn. Cumulus is wonderful just on its own but it is also great combined with a whole host of other yarns. Cumulus is a 25g...
    Cumulus &
  4. Recommended Yarn Third Edition - Part One

    It has been a little while since my last recommended yarn post so I thought it was an about time I had another look through what has come out since the last one. If you haven't seen the recommended yarn posts before the theme is to look at designs that have been written exactly for the yarns that we stock...
    Recommended Yarn Third Edition - Part One
  5. Inspiration for Mazurka by Becci Pamely-Bast

    We love Riverknits and we had a great time catching up at Unravel a couple of weekends ago with Becci and Markus who are behind the Riverknits Chimera we stock. Becci was wearing the most amazing jumper knit in Chimera that was catching everyones attention. That jumper is the Mazurka by Becci herself and the pattern has now been released...
    Inspiration for Mazurka by Becci Pamely-Bast
  6. New Yarn - Black Elephant Corriedale

    New yarn is hanging on the hand dyed wall of the shop and that is always an exciting moment. Not only because I get so tempted to cast on a completely new project but it looks great. It's calling to me from across the shop as I sit here and write this, 'knit me, knit me'. That new yarn is...
    New Yarn - Black Elephant Corriedale
  7. What would you pick?

    Admittedly, having half of our delivery disappear into nothingness, circling the earth and some, just to get from Norway to the UK, does put a damper on an otherwise insanely exciting launch! However, as my Nan used to say, those who are waiting for something good will never wait in vain. Our wonderfully lush delivery has been found, located, and...
    What would you pick?
  8. Skills Bundles

    New skills make great gifts and with Christmas just around the corner why not choose a new hobby along with some yarn to get them started. Books contain a whole host of projects and it can be difficult to choose just one so we have come up some some skill bundle ideas which can get you started. Choose your book...
    Skills Bundles
  9. Revisiting Socks Yeah DK!

    We have just received a delivery of the much loved Socks Yeah DK! This trusty yarn is great for all sorts of projects, not just socks. So what a great time to get some Socks Yeah inspiration. Socks Yeah DK is the heavier DK version of Socks Yeah 4ply. Following on from the popular Socks Yeah 4ply, designer Rachel Coopey...
    Revisiting Socks Yeah DK!
  10. Recommended Yarn Second Edition - Part Two

    This is part two to the second edition of Recommended Yarn, to read part one follow this link: Second Edition Part One. The theme for the Recommended Yarn series is to look at what is new and knitted up in the yarns we stock. You can check out Recommended Yarn - Part one and Part Two with those links. My criteria for the first...
    Recommended Yarn Second Edition - Part Two
  11. Lotta H. Löthgren's Mushroom Cowl - Favourite Colour Combos

    We really enjoyed having Lotta in the shop the other weekend, it was so great meeting her and hearing about her designs. We loved seeing all the knits from her book Observations: Knits and Essays from the Forest and sharing that with other knitters who came by to see the samples and have a chat. We are excited to see...
    Lotta H. Löthgren's Mushroom Cowl - Favourite Colour Combos
  12. Yarn Pairings - Pom Pom 47

    Pom Pom Issue 47 is around the corner and the Winter issue Monochrome is full of delightful patterns to keep you knitting through the coming months. The theme for this issue is subtle colour combinations. So designs that focus on shades of the same colour, textural differences or shadows and depth. Designers featured are Sara Ottosson, Rebecca Clow, Alessandra Gropazzi...
    Yarn Pairings - Pom Pom 47

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