The luxury of time has made me revisit some old WIPs (work in progress), that have sadly been left forgotten. For no reason whatsoever the lure of a new project has left these poor things unloved. So with this series I am starting a WIP Wednesday and I'm encouraging everybody to shine a light on some old projects, hopefully turning those WIPs into FOs!

These are the beginning of the Festoon Socks by Rachel Coopey. The pattern is in Pompom issue 21. I have knit these once before in some soft fluffy yarn and I really wanted to try them in a crisp structural yarn. Hence I chose Hey Mama Wolf's Sockyarn #04. Just look at that definition! I really must finish these. So now I'm going to wax lyrical about the yarn.

Hey Mama Wolf's Sockyarn #04 is a 4ply Merino/Corriedale and Ramie blend. This amazing yarn uses ramie fibre to strengthen it. Ramie is a member of the nettle family and has a long fibre length which gives it strength. It also offers a plastic free alternative to nylon. A great tough sock yarn for those wishing to reduce their reliance on plastics. The tight twist and sturdy fibre blend gives this yarn great definition and clarity in complex patterns. As you can see it is great for cables and twisted stitches.

Whats more is Jule of Hey Mama Wolf dyes all her yarns naturally. Using a combination of natural materials she dyes all her yarns at her farm in Germany. The one I have chosen is a weld and indigo blend which has created a lovely fresh spring green. There are also variegated and semi solids in the range, all in a palette that not only speaks of nature but surprises.

So watch this space, if I resist other projects I may just finish them.