MakingZineCOVER_only3_32a8056a-c6d9-472f-a0d3-cd590306d8cc_1024x1024 How beautiful is our latest arrival? It's of Making No.1 Flora, the first issue of a brand new magazine from Carrie Bostick Hoge of Madder Made. We could not be more excited here at the shop, and have been cooing and exclaiming over it all morning! This inaugural issue includes contributions from 21 different designers and makers across multiple craft disciplines, including knitting, crochet, sewing, cooking and embroidery. As always we love to see the knitting patterns, and to pair them up with yarns we have in the shop. DSC_9238_fb4f18c0-36f4-4e0d-9e65-f07094f5589b_1024x1024 The first pattern is Branches and Buds, by the editor herself, Carrie Bostick Hoge. The pattern features a modern take on a classic colourwork yoked sweater in two high contrast colours. The little buds are added afterwards, the perfect use of leftover bits of yarn we all have. We would knit the main sweater up in Susan Crawford's Excelana DK. DSC_9363_4381d8fb-6376-48dc-9dfe-ee1f6af5414c_1024x1024DSC_0952_abae770f-7f01-468b-b30c-7a765de657d9_1024x1024 Next up is the Flora Cardi and Cowl, also by Carrie Bostick Hoge. These two patterns use the same lace stitch, along the collar and fronts of the cardigan, and as an allover design for the cowl (or snood as we would say in the UK!). Worked up in different yarn weights it is an interesting way to see the same stitch pattern in different settings. The cardigan would have wonderful drape and be light as a feather in Fyberspates Scruptious Lace, while the snood would have more body with a heavier yarn such as Du Store Alpakka Fin. DSC_0449_76ff7938-d58d-4389-a41d-6c9559225271_1024x1024 Susan B. Anderson has created a sweet pair of fairy dolls that tuck into little flower beds. A Flower Fairy would be a lovely toy for a wide range of ages. Blacker Swan comes in many colours to knit the flowers and leaves of your choice. DSC_9523_f24e9ed7-58e6-4120-ab7a-ac48d524a65b_1024x1024 Marigold is a seamless bottom up cardigan by Cecily Gowick MacDonald. With its shawl collar, 3/4 length sleeves and a lace panel up the back, it is an effortless addition to any summer wardrobe. We have 8 shades of the called for The Fibre Co. Meadow in stock to knit it in. DSC_9561_21017ec2-6e53-46d2-8aee-0f85701f2b70_1024x1024 Another cardigan is Silver Leaf, by Hannah Fettig. This sweater has full length sleeves, and a deep lace motif on the fronts and collar. This design is a good transitional garment from warm days to chilly evenings, and would fit perfectly in England's potentially dreary days. Noro's Tokonatsu is a cotton/silk/viscose blend that would create a perfect summer cardigan to cozy up in without overheating! DSC_0731_bce77cb4-d909-42e9-951d-df2b1da943dd_1024x1024 Tulip Fields, by Dawn Catanzaro is a shawlette knit in garter stitch. With laceweight yarn and a deep diamond and zigzag border, an otherwise winter stitch becomes light and airy for summer evenings. We are dreaming of it knit up in Kettle Yarn Co. Beyul. DSC_0270_28cdcffa-b89c-4c3a-9b70-8e3ea59e07eb_1024x1024DSC_0999-2_fbc2d535-e580-4e77-b38d-7c8adfb5cf01_1024x1024 The Violet Cap and Bonnet, by Melissa LaBarre is another example of a stitch pattern being used for slightly different pieces. The bonnet is sized for babies and children with a practical tie under the chin to stay on, while the cap is sized for adults. They would both be beautiful in Fyberspates Scruptious 4ply. DSC_1072_661daeb1-a86d-4117-a62d-b991979ff1aa_1024x1024 Last but not least is the Wildflowers Cap by Mary Jane Mucklestone. If you have to wear a wooly cap in the summer, it might as well have flowers on it! We would choose two shades of Mondial Bio Lana for ours. And we might need it with the week that London is having at the moment! There are many more craft projects in this issue to enjoy, we have just highlighted the knitting ones first. How to choose the next project! DSC_2062_2c8b6667-1076-4f53-adc2-718dbbafcea5_1024x1024