Cumulus is one of my favourite fuzzy yarns we have in the shop and we have expanded the range. With a great selection of jewel like colours there has never been a better time to try out this yarn. Cumulus is wonderful just on its own but it is also great combined with a whole host of other yarns.

Cumulus is a 25g lace weight yarn of 74% brushed baby alpaca and 26% mulberry silk. It's a great alternative to popular kid mohair and silk blends. This machine dyed yarn provides great value for money for those looking to add that fluffy mohair look to their projects. It's amazingly smooth and soft and has a delicate sheen and doesn't tickle. It can be knit over a wide range of needle sizes and is perfect for those projects where yarns are held double. 

I have taken a look and found some great projects using a fluffy lace weight yarn paired with another. Look below for some fun fluffy suggestions.

image - Horse Feather Fiber Arts

Quilty Cabin Socks (link to designer's website) by Crooked River Crochet. These classic top down socks have a quilt inspired colourwork motif. I have become really drawn to colourwork projects that use just a fluff as the contrast colour and this one uses two strands of cumulus to give a fun fluffy detail. I have paired it here with Coopknits Socks Yeah!

image - Jane the Knitter

Mercedes (link to Ravelry) by Jane the Knitter. A classic top down jumper designed with simplicity in mind. Pleasing yarn over raglan details elevate this classic design. You can get some fun results with different colour combinations. I have paired Cumulus here with Black Elephant Merino Singles.

image - Melody Hoffmann

The Forager (link to Ravelry) by Melody Hoffmann. I picked out this design because I have been dreaming of a Forgarn and Cumulus combo especially in these darker shades. I think Forgarn would look great in this top.

image - Hayley Alexandra

Kismet DK Socks (link to Ravelry) by Hayley Alexandra. These textural socks are knit with a strand of 4ply and a strand of lace. Textural stitches mixed with textural fibres. I've chosen Fyberspates Vivacious 4ply here, I love this Lundy Island colour.

image - Rachel Fletcher

Cosy Companion Cowl (link to Ravelry) by Rachel Fletcher. What's better than a combination of Fyberspates Scrumptious and Cumulus. This super soft cowl features a wavy lace repeat for an engaging knit.

image - Joji Locatelli.

Instant Crush (link to designer's website) by Joji Locatelli. This blog post is about a strand of Cumulus with something but what about a strand of Cumulus with Cumulus? This light as a feather top features fluffy colourwork in two strands of a lace weight creating a beautiful hazy design.

image - Andrea Mowry

The Traveler Shell (link to designers website) by Andrea Mowry. This relaxed short sleeve cardigan has textural bands of reverse stocking stitch. This adds colour and shadow to the design. Generous angular pockets and wide ribbed bands create a graphic touch. I've paired Cumulus with G-uld No.4.

image - PetiteKnit

Esther Sweater (link to designers website) by PetiteKnit. I really like the textures in this jumper. It's amazing what can be achieved with a combination of knits and purls. Worked from the top down with sleeves picked up from the body that continue the diamond motif. Try this with Pickles Mjuk Merino and Cumulus.