I first learned about Mikono Knits quite a few years ago. Back in Norway I was watching the News and there was this short story about a Norwegian woman, Frøydis Dybdahl Archer, who had initiated a project in Kenya teaching the skill of knitting and enabeling women to sell their garments, providing safe income for themselves and their families. At the time we were playing with the idea of moving back to London opening a yarn shop, and I remember mentioning to my husband as we watched this story that this was exactly the kind of projects I wanted to get involved in should we decide to pursue the shop plans. mikonoladies Since then both Mikono Knits and Knit with attitude have grown. When I finally had the chance to move into larger premises this was one of my goals, to make space for a small collection of ethically produced clothing, and Mikono was at the top of my wish list. mikono1 mikono2 Mikono is the Swahili word for “hands”. The name of the company – Mikono Knits – therefore means handmade knitwear. The vision of Mikono Knits is to be an inspiring ethical fashion label, creating stylish and unique knitwear, thereby providing a sustainable source of income for underprivileged Kenyan women. Natural Kenyan wool and cotton are the raw materials utilised in the designs. Drawing mainly on Western designs, African ‘flavours’ are added using African handmade buttons and beads. Each garment has a tag attached telling you which one of the Mikono Ladies who made your unique Mikono Knits. mikono3 mikono4 You'll find Mikono Knits by visiting Knit with attitude's Ethical Fashion section. Please note that the range we carry is limited, only a few sizes in each colour-garment combination, but go have a look, I'm sure you'll find something that is just screaming your name.