Every single year this happens to me ... I start in April going 'This year I will be prepared, I'll finish what I'm working on and then I'll start doing my Christmas gifts - I know exactly what to make for ... everyone!' Then fast forward, before I know it it's November, and I still haven't started. Many a cast-on has happened for sure, but nothing for Christmas! So here I am scouring the world wide web trying to find small gifts, those that I can whip up in no time, but which still are lovely treats and will be properly appreciated by those I find knit worthy in my life ... (I'm also expecting some praise and compliments coming to my making skills, so the more I can finish in time ... the better).

Hilja Mitts by Aleks Byrd

Aleks named these long wrist warmers after her grandmother who was a masterful knitter. A discovery of a little booklet with motifs she had created and copied from traditional patterns back in 1930s Estonia inspired these embroidered looking wrist warmers. This is a wonderful project introducing you to the Estonian inlay technique called “Roosimine”, with tutorials and videos by the designer to hold you by the hand learning this fascinating technique. These might look complicated, but they are not, tried and tested by us here at Knit With Attitude I guarantee you'll be able to make the Hilja Mitts real quick. What's more - we have kits - and you'll find them right HERE!

Hilja Mitts

Agnes Cowl by Aleks Byrd

Another gorgeous little project from Aleks, perfect for gifting to keep the receiver's neck and soul warm and cosy on colder days. The Agnes cowl features multiple stitch patterns creating stripes using seed stitch, Kihnu vits knitted braids and Roosimine inlay knitting. The Roosimine is worked repeatedly all the way around each round. This is a great project for Roosimine beginners and those curious to try using this technique in a slightly different way.
Video tutorial links are included in the pattern for instructions how to work the different Estonian knitting techniques - you'll work through this project with ease! In the original yarn for this design, G-uld No.4, we have created 9 beautiful colour combos especially curated for you by us here at Knit with attitude, the kits can be bought with or without the pattern, and you'll find them HERE!

Agnes Cowl

Ludlow Hat by Jonna Hietala

There is just something with the Ludlow Hat that makes me go all fuzzy inside. It has to do with that classic simple Scandinavian look. I swear my mum used to have one that looked just like that when I grew up - there is even a picture of me as a toddler sitting on my mum's lap wearing my matching hat. Writing this, right now, it struck me - what a perfect gift for my mum! I'm sure she can remember this as clearly as I can, maybe it is time to consider matching hats for both of us again (like 45 years later...). For the Ludlow Hat you would use the new Super Bulky from &Make - one ball should be enough but if you tend to knit loosely you might need two. The pattern is FREE and can be found on Laine's Blog HERE.

Oslo Hat - Mohair Edition by PetiteKnit

Another classic - but worked up in a fun yarn combination - this is not only quick to knit but also so smooth and light wearing - you'll be gifting a little bit of luxury to the lucky receiver. The pattern calls for a light fingering held together with a fluffy lace, which opens up for a whole lot of woolly opportunities. As the main I would go with the plant dyed G-uld No.4 and I would pair it up with either Fyberspates Cumulus in a complimentary solid colour, but if you're feeling adventurous and maybe ready for some colour therapy I would pair it with Black Elephant Suri Cloud. For all sizes one hank of the No.4 and Suri Cloud is enough, if you choose the Cumulus get two of those balls. You'll find the Oslo Hat pattern on PetiteKnit's website HERE.

Oslo Hat

The Shift by Andrea Mowry

Is it a shawl? Is it a cowl? Or maybe a snood? Whatever you choose to call it, this is an easy to wear and fall in love with piece, that you can knit up playing with colour making the process fun and interesting for you too! For this one there is no other alternative than the gorgeously marled, all British fibre, non-superwash RiverKnits Chimera. Choose one hank in each of three colours - and you're ready to go! You'll find the pattern on Andrea's website HERE.

The Shift

The World's Simplest Mittens by Tin Can Knits

Somehow, I don't knit in pairs, socks and mittens, I just don't seem to be able to complete the smallest projects when it means I have to make two of them. This is why - the most precious gifts I've ever received that are so dear to me are homemade socks and mittens. Now these - The World's Simplest Mittens - can be knocked out in multiples, there is still time! If I were to receive these mitts it would be smiles all around, make sure you gift them to someone who really deserves them and will react appropriately. I would choose the Fyberspates Vivacious DK, with its high twist this project will literarily fly off your needles, and the handdyed colour variegations will keep your interest up while making plentiful of them. One hank is enough to complete the largest pair and then some, if you're going for the smaller sizes you might even get two pairs out of one hank. The pattern is FREE and can be downloaded from the Tin Can Knits website HERE.

The World Simplest Mitts

Filigree Hat by Julie Knits in Paris

Don't you just love a project that looks complicated but is super simple to make? This is the case for the Filigree Hat, a slouchy style hat featuring a lace panel that is bound to gain compliments for your incredible knitting skills. BUT know this, tried and tested by us at Knit with Attitude this lace pattern is party proof, it can even be done while enjoying a glass of wine, you will not loose track. Designed by Julie, to use one single hank of the Norne Yarn Merino / Silk / Yak DK, expect nothing less than a stunning result, which might become very hard to part from when gifting, but that will be treasured by the receiver as nothing else. You'll find our Filigree Hat Kits HERE.

Filigree Hat

Sophie Scarf by PetiteKnit

That little touch of luxury but in a small affordable sized project, there is a Sophie Scarf craze happening right now! You've probably seen this little gem of a scarf flood social media feeds lately, no wonder as it is practical, stylish, oh so soft and lush against cold winter skin. The pattern is given in two sizes, a shorter and a longer version, with video tutorials available to guide you through the techniques. This is the perfect little project to be practicing those I-cord edges! Choose Cashmere for the ultimate luxury feel. With our Nordic Yarns Eco-Cashmere (50g), one hank will be enough for the longer version, go for the Afghan Cashmere (100g) and you'll have enough for a few. You'll find the pattern over on PetiteKnit's website right HERE.

Sophie Scarf

Make Up Pads and Pots by Annelies Baes

On my wish list every year! I often moan about not enough crafting time in my life, but how lucky am I to have a Sister in Law who knows exactly how much I appreciate these ones. For the last few years, every Christmas I get a little neat stack, and it is one of the gifts I adore the most. Nothing beats home made make-up pads! These reusable and washable make-up pads (or scrubbies) are a joy to make, and an eco-friendly and cost saving alternative to disposable pads. You help save our precious planet by making and using them, a couple of evenings crocheting and you'll have plentiful of gifts ready, with three different versions it doesn't get boring even when making quite a few - tie them up as they are with a cute string - or if time allows included in the pattern are also the most adorable little pots for storage. Using the Nurturing Fibres Eco-Cotton, you'll get at least 10 pads out of one ball! You'll find the pattern on Annelies' website HERE.

Make Up Pads