Carrying on from last weeks WIP Wednesday post I am revisiting my old WIPs and starting by exploring the yarns used. Hopefully with the aim that I will reignite my passion for them and start posting some FO (finished object) Friday posts!

I feel really guilty about this poor forgotten jumper. The reason I stopped is because it was coming out too small and that was really the death of it. I loved the yarn and I really like the pattern so I just need to pluck up the courage and frog it and start again. The pattern I'm knitting is the Roland Jumper by Dieuwke Schack-Mulligen. It's a simple top down raglan knit in the round with a pleasing basket weave texture for the body. I started it in May 2017! There really is no excuse, I have to finish it.

Im knitting it in Hedgehog Fibres DK in Fools Gold and Socks Yeah DK in Astra Planeti. When Knit With Attitude started stocking Hedgehog Fibres back in 2016 and I saw this skein of Fools Gold I just had to have it. Not sure what to do with it at the time, I thought about it for a while. I decided on a jumper, but one skien sure wasn't going to get me a jumper. Also a jumper completely in Hedgehog Fibres, though it would be beautiful is a little extravagant. There are lots of yarn possibilities for finding a complimentary skien with something a little more budget friendly and I explored that in an earlier blog post called Mixing Brands. I decided on Socks Yeah DK. This yarn is the same weight, it has a similar plump twist and they are both merino. Socks Yeah DK comes in a great range of solid colours, there is always a good match. So lets take a closer look at the yarns.

Hedgehog Fibres DK is a 100% Superwash Merino, with a nice even twist and is super soft. Of course they are all dyed in the amazingly vivid Hedgehog Fibres style. There are so many I love, but I think Fools Gold is still one of my faves. Gorgeous in any project from head to toe and has great definition and is equally as nice in simple projects where you just want to showcase the colour.

Socks Yeah DK is one of my all time go to yarns as well as the 4ply version. Designed Rachel Coopey of CoopKnits in collaboration with Fyberspates. They are 50g skeins of a merino and nylon blend. It is study with great difinition and great for socks, or anything for that matter. Lovely and soft so great for wearing next to the skin. One of its best virtue is the range of colours. They are an interesting mix of strong and gentle colours and move away from the standard palette of primaries which makes them great for showing off and complimenting hand dyed yarn.

I know my WIPs are piling up, but I have some serious knitting time. I would love to seem them finished. Wish me luck!