Hélène Magnússon

These novelty Icelandic soft yarns were created by Hélène Magnússon, aka The Icelandic Knitter and Lopapeysa knitter extraordinaire, in the hope that it will help revive some of the Icelandic knitting traditions and give them a new life.

All the yarns are spun from fleeces Hélène hand-selects and grades one by one after the first shearing of the lambs in Iceland. The fleeces are then sent unwashed to be dyed and spun in specialty mills in Italy, which can handle the unique challenges posed by Icelandic wool: It is composed of two very different types or hair, the long and coarse “tog” and the fine and short “þel”, which makes it difficult to spin into a very fine yarn.

The wool is washed with an organic soap and dried very gently so that it stays soft. Five of the colors are composed of the natural colors of the Icelandic sheep. The white is not bleached and serves as the base for the other 15 colors which are dyed with acid-dyes and low impact processes. The water used for the washing and dyeing process is recycled so that no harmful material is released into open water.

At Knit With Attitude we are incredibly proud to be stocking these carefully crafted Icelandic lambswool yarns of unparalleled softness and fineness.

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