Annas Angora

Vigdis of Annas Angora lives with her family on a farm in a remote area of Norway. They aspire to live directly from the land, cutting the grass that feed the rabbits by hand with scythes and heating with wood stoves. It looks positively idyllic, and a perfect place for rabbits and other animals to hop around and have happy lives. Angora has a micron count that means that it is softer than cashmere, and has a lovely halo of fuzz that is like holding a rabbit in your hand.

The rabbit's fur must be cut 3-4 times a year to prevent it getting dirty and matted, and to prevent the rabbit from ingesting too much of it when they groom. Ingesting too much fur can understandably cause health problems for the rabbits. An angora rabbit can grow as much as an inch of hair every month, so they need regular cuts to keep things under control.

Read more about Anna's Angora on Knit with attitude's blog.

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