The Colours of Nature

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When first stocking the wonderful plantdyed yarns of G-uld I was gifted their book which at the time was only available in Danish. As a Norwegian i have no problem reading this language, and I literarly devoured the book in no time. In my humble opinion, this is the ultimate book on plant- and natural dyeing ever published. And now it is FINALLY available in English!

Beatifully written, immensly inspiring, with the most gorgeous photography, this book is a piece of art in itself. Bound in a pitch black hard cover, the book is a wonderful tactile object to be cherished for a lifetime. Step into the fascinating world of natural dyes, read, learn and dive into your own colourful adventures.

The Colours of Nature is a simple, easy-to-follow guide to getting started with natural dyeing, introducing and giving an overview of colours, plants, fibres and tools along with basic recipes for lasting colours. The primary focus of the book is dyeing on wool but it also briefly introduces other fibres and woven fabrics.

Plant dyeing is thought to be difficult and to demand several years of experience to achieve a good result, but it is not necessarily so. Plant dyeing is an activity in which everyone can take part. It does not demand any particular skills and good results can come even with the first dye bath.
The book is based on the G-uld team's personal experiences with natural dyeing and how to achieve a good result. Some knowledge of the basics will serve you well when you start out. Therefore, they put together a beginner’s guide on how to collect plants, how to interact with nature and how to recognise the plants that give the best, most beautiful colours.

Louise and Anne say about their book:
"We live in a world in which time for losing oneself in a single task and carefully labouring on a handmade item to a high degree has had to make room for technology and mass production. Furthermore, we currently notice a tendency to view the pursuit of handmade crafts as acts of overachievers. However, for modern people being completely absorbed in creative activity can provide much-needed relief and be a stress-buster in a busy everyday life. We believe that 21st century people need unique elements in their lives and that items crafted slowly are worth waiting for.
At G-uld we know firsthand what the craft of natural dyeing has to offer even today - we have lived this for years, working every day at the dye pots. Natural dyeing can be regarded as a workout for body as well as soul. You will walk for hours in nature, get to know new plants, feel the wool, smell the dye bath, test your patience, think creative thoughts and feel the happiness of pulling YOUR yarn out of the dye pot."
Origin Denmark
ISBN 9788799867813
Author Anne Støvlbæk Kjær, Louise Schelde Frederiksen
Published by G-uld
Pages 160
Binding Hardcover
Other specifications CONTENT:
• A short history of natural dyeing with plants in Nordic culture.
• A beginner’s guide on how to get started with natural dyeing and collecting plants in nature.
• An overview of colours and fibres suitable for natural dyeing.
• Recipes for dyeing with fresh and dried plant material.
• An overview of plant materials to collect in Nor- dic nature and which to buy such as madder root, cochineal and indigo.
• A guide to preparing yarn and fabric for dyeing that lasts.
• A guide to tools used in the various processes dyeing.
• 8 recipes covering mordanting, dyeing with fresh and dried plants as well as historic dyes such as indigo, madder root and cochineal.
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