The 'Content Heading' field text appears here. No HTML allowed

The Header 1 should not be used within the page content. The Header 1 tag (<h1>) should be reserved for the 'Content Heading' text, for SEO reasons.
Every page should have a Content Heading. This should be the same as the page title, possibly a variation of the page title in order to catch more search phrases.

Header 2

Header 2 with a span tag: (<h2>Header <span>2</span></h2>)

Header 2 should be used as the following:

  • As a sub heading under Header 1
  • As a main section header on a page that contains more than one piece of information. Header 1 should still exist as a main header for the entire page, while Header 2 works as the main Header for each section of content.

Block content use h2 as a header, wrapped within a div with the block-title-main class like this:
<div class="block-title-main">Header <span>2</span></div>

<div class="block-title-main">Header 2</div>


The 'Preformatted' paragraph style has fixed width, and can be used for patterns
and pattern-like examples.
Row 1 (RS): Sl wyif, p1, k1, [k2tog, yo, k2] x 7, k2tog, yo, pm, p1, pm, [yo, ssk, k2] x 7, yo, ssk, k1, p1, k1. Row 2 and all WS rows: Sl wyif, k1, p until marker, sm, k1, sm, p until last two sts, k2. Row 3: Sl wyif, p1, [k2tog, yo, k2] x 7, k2tog, yo, k1, sm, p1, sm, k1, [yo, ssk, k2] x 7, yo, ssk, p1, k1.

The following Headers do currently not have a specific function:

Header 3 (and with span)

Header 4 (and with span)

Header 5 (and with span)
Header 6 (and with span)

The headers are often enclosed in wrappers which are changing their appearance, such as the 'block-title-main' used by Header 2:

The about-content class

Render the text in a two-column layout

The page content can also be put in wrappers to assign it to the left or right columns. This text is wrapped in a <div class="about-content">...</div>

The about-content-left class

This text appears in the left column

This text is assigned to the left column by wrapping it in an 'about-content-left' div tag within the outer 'about-content' div.

The about-content-right class

This text appears in the right column

This text is assigned to the right column by wrapping it in an 'about-content-right' div tag within the outer 'about-content' div.

This text is located outside of the 'about-content' div.

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