More Crochet Iconic Women: Amigurumi patterns for 15 incredible women who changed the world: 2

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More Crochet Iconic Women is the second collection of crochet patterns for iconic women from amigurumi expert and author Carla Mitrani. Choose your favourite icon from this collection of 15 new patterns for inspirational women who have shaped the world. There are scientists, performers, writers; athletes, campaigners and environmentalists including Josephine Baker; Anne Frank; Wangari Maathai and Dolly Parton.

This collection of crochet patterns celebrates 15 women who have made an impact on the global stage whether in politics, sport, medicine or education. Learn more about each of the characters featured in this collection and make to keep or as unique gifts to inspire and delight all generations.

Ella Fitzgerald * Mary Shelley * Queen Elizabeth I * Wangari Maathai * Princess Diana * Misty Copeland * Harriet Tubman * Helen Keller * Anne Frank * Dolly Parton * Grace Hopper * Josephine Baker * Hypatia of Alexandria * Ada Lovelace * Joan of Arc

A word from Carla:
"Hello my friends! I am so happy to see you again in this new celebration of the power of women. I told you in my previous book that one volume was not enough. And certainly a second isn't either. It is such an inspiring ride to decide which women to tribute. And a difficult one too, because we wish we could include so many more! Lists can be tricky. But we believe we bring you here a variety of incredible women: rulers, fighters, scientists and artists. All of them brave, talented and remarkable.

Let's not forget that many of the things that come naturally to us now are the result of the hard work and courageous actions of these women. Of course, they were complex and certainly not perfect, but nevertheless they were able to move mountains, change the mindset of their time and campaign tirelessly for human rights or the protection of our planet. They shaped the world in which we all live today, always believing in themselves and paving the way for future generations.

Crochet Iconic Women has been an incredible success and nothing has made me happier than receiving photos of your makes honouring those amazing individuals and giving them as inspirational gifts to little girls, teachers, sisters, aunts, mothers and daughters. I sincerely hope to achieve the same with this book and that you will add these new tributes to your influential and motivating collection. And, as I always say, dare to tweak the patterns and come up with new icons of your own. They don't necessarily have to be world famous. Most of the time we find pioneers of change in a nearby neighbour, a boss or a best friend."

Origin China
ISBN 9781446309247
Published by David & Charles
Pages 120
Binding Paperback
Designer Carla Mitrani
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