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  1. Sock Crazy!

    We have seen a sock craze grip the knitting world at the moment and rightly so. The amazing team at Laine have compiled together a beautiful selection of sock knitting patterns by some of the most talented knitting designers out there. Couple this with Laine's talent for sumptuous photography and a thoughtful eye for design, they have produced one of...
    Sock Crazy!
  2. Virtual Knit Night April 16th

    Our 5th Virtual Knit Night is happening tonight and we hope you will join us. We are meeting up via Zoom, you can find all info about how this works by having a look at our previous Virtual Knit Night posts. When using Zoom all you have to do is click on the link below at 7pm tonight UK time...
    Virtual Knit Night April 16th
  3. WIP Wednesday – Blocking and Swatching

    This WIP Wednesday I am going to talk a little bit about blocking and swatching. I recently saw on a friend and colleague of ours Natalie Selles' (@leeleetea) instagram stories about how she was struggling to work out her gauge over a large area of cabled and textured stitches. Even though she had swatched for the project. She wasn't getting...
    <span>WIP</span> Wednesday – Blocking and Swatching
  4. FO Friday – Festoon Socks

    Yes I have a FO (Finished Object)! I skipped my WIP Wednesday post this week to put some energy into finishing them. There are only so many WIPs I can have lying around and I was starting to build up quite a backlog. So may I present my finished Festoon Socks. The Festoon Socks are a pattern by Rachel Coopey...
    <span>FO</span> Friday – Festoon Socks
  5. Virtual Knit Night - Take 4

    Needles at hand People, we're ready for another virtual Knit Night tonight! As previously you'll find the link to join at the bottom of this post, the knit night is on between 7pm and 8.30pm UK time, and everyone are welcome to drop in at any point. If you are joining us for the first time, read more about Zoom...
    Virtual Knit Night - <span>Take 4</span>
  6. Virtual Knit Night - take 3

    It is Thursday, for me the third in isolation, and I am so looking forward to the knit night tonight! Equally, it is the third virtual knit night we are hosting here at KWA, and though I wouldn't go as far as to say it is well established yet, it think we are all enjoying making them into a regular...
    Virtual Knit Night - take 3
  7. WIP Wednesday – Roland Jumper

    Carrying on from last weeks WIP Wednesday post I am revisiting my old WIPs and starting by exploring the yarns used. Hopefully with the aim that I will reignite my passion for them and start posting some FO (finished object) Friday posts! I feel really guilty about this poor forgotten jumper. The reason I stopped is because it was coming...
    <span>WIP</span> Wednesday – Roland Jumper
  8. East London Knitters say Thank You NHS!

    Here we go folks. It’s time to banner together again... What better way to gather our friends from near by, far away and beyond, in a community project celebrating all things important right now – solidarity, camaraderie, nurture, kindness, support and love – through a message of gratitude! No, we’re not saying #ballstotrump this time (but we sort of are...
    East London Knitters say <span>Thank You</span> NHS!
  9. Regular Virtual Knit Nights

    We did our first attempt of a virtual knit night via Zoom last Thursday, and all though some of us were struggling with online connections and understanding how this new tool works, it was such a great experience and everyone expressed a want for our knit nights to happen on a regular basis. We all need it! I strongly believe...
    Regular <span>Virtual</span> Knit Nights
  10. WIP Wednesday - Festoon Socks

    The luxury of time has made me revisit some old WIPs (work in progress), that have sadly been left forgotten. For no reason whatsoever the lure of a new project has left these poor things unloved. So with this series I am starting a WIP Wednesday and I'm encouraging everybody to shine a light on some old projects, hopefully turning...
    <span>WIP</span> Wednesday - Festoon Socks
  11. What to Knit? Lace Edition!

    I have to say that I rarely knit with lace. Maybe I have this idea that a lace project would turn into an insurmountable task. But we have some lovely lace weight yarns at Knit With Attitude, ones that I have had my eye on for quite some time. Now that some of us might have more time on our...
    What to Knit? Lace Edition!
  12. Let's Stash Dive

    During these strange times we may be spending a lot more time at home than we would usually do. But crafters should not fear, this is our time to reacquaint ourselves with projects we may have discarded, or special skeins of yarn that maybe lingering unloved. We should use this time to reconnect with our stash. I'm sure there is...
    Let's <span>Stash Dive</span>

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