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I am Maya. I run a tiny yarn shop, write film scripts, love my family, knit and crochet, sometimes I cook, but not often, and I am very opinionated, usually all of it at once.

My Grandma is the one to blame for my enthusiasm concerning knitting.

When I was six years old she taught me how to knit, purl, and to cast on and off. This was the first introduction to a hobby that in periods through my childhood and adolescence has been all consuming. With time, knitting has gone from being a rewarding hobby to something that I feel strongly and passionately about.

Why? Because knitting as an activity encourages engagement and attitude.

To knit is a constructive, creative and concrete act that stimulates our consciousness and interest. For me knitting has become an expression for my attitudes and involvement in environmental and political issues, when simultaneously increasing my focus and self satisfaction through my work. All in all this represent the motivation that lies behind Knit with attitude.

Knit with attitude is a small independent shop that specialises in eco-friendly and ethical yarn and accessories for knitting and crocheting. My business venture started as my family and I moved from our hometown Trondheim in Norway to London, UK. With me I brought two boxes of yarn and within three weeks I was established as a trader at Spitalfields Market. Since then Knit with attitude has grown steadily to where it is today. In 2012 we moved into new bright and shiny premises on Stoke Newington High Street, London. We share our lovely premises with another wonderful small independent shop Of Cabbages & Kings, an Art Gallery/Gift Shop.

This is the Knit with attitude blog, but be prepared for some personal views, opinions and musings as well. Welcome to The world according to MayaB.

4 thoughts on “About MayaB

  1. I am knitting an alpaca shawl with some yarn given to me. I am using one strand of Faerytale and one strand of Tynn Alpakka. The yarn had been purchased in Norway. Once I used up the first ball of Faerytale, I knew that I wouldn’t have enough to make a nice wrap. It didn’t take me long to do a Google search find exactly what I wanted from your Knit With Attitude website. I was worried the lot color would be off and that ordering from across the pond might be chancy, but everything worked out wonderfully well. I received my yarn within 10 days and the price for the yarn and the shipping was very affordable. Thank you, Maya!

  2. Hi Maya….I’m going to be in London for several days (April 16 – 21)…. And would love to visit your shop! The last time I was in London, i thought I would find lots of knitting shops as I thought the winters and rain would encourage knitting…. But I could not find any shops that were convenient to visit as they were all too far away for the short time I was going to br there. 😢 What days and hours are you open?

    • Hi Nancy

      Knit with attitude is open 7 days a week – 10am-6pm Mondays-Saturdays and 12pm-6pm on Sundays.

      See you there!

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