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Remember that nice and tidy workshop area I showed you in the “Welcome to my world’ post, well sometimes it looks like that, and sometimes it looks like this:


As winter is on our door steps we’re trying to get everything sorted and stocked up for Christmas, and as you can see we’ve had deliveries, plenty of them. We are introducing
a lot, and I really mean a lot, of new qualities and brands at Knit with attitude this winter.
I’ll use the next few blog posts to show off some of the new yummy woolly treats we have in store for you, so prepare for some proper yarn porn to drool over, and we’ll kick off with the new gorgeous yarns from Fyberspates and The Mirasol Collection.

Paqu Pura 3101

Paqu Pura 3106

Paqu Pura 3105

Paqu Pura 3109

Paqu Pura 3104

Paqu Pura 3102

Paqu Pura from The Mirasol Collection is a delicate 4ply Alpaca yarn, suitable for light weight projects. It has an unique colour range of self-striping colours that floats into each other and blends perfectly. This subtle colour-changing effect looks great in both garments and accessories. Fyberspates Scrumptious DK High Twist is a crisp and firm, still lusciously soft, version of the bespoke Scrumptious DK which is exclusive to Fyberspates. The fibre content is 45% Silk and 55% Merino, which gives it the most amazing drape and sheen. Scrumptious DK High Twist is hand dyed which gives it a subtle colour variation throughout the skein.

Scrumptious DK Hight Twist Faeries

Scrumptious DK High Twist Charcoal

Scrumptious DK High Twist Cherry Pie

That’s it for now people, I hope you enjoyed the picture show, and rest assure there is more to come.

PS. As I’m publishing this post our workshop area is back to normal, pretty, nice and tidy.

2 thoughts on “Some news

  1. Iiiiik! Eskerot. Det tar sånn plass, og jeg hater det. Jeg flatpakker hver eske jeg er ferdig med, så blir det mye bedre……bare et tips 😉
    Sikle sikle……så mye herlig garn. Jeg er litt svak for flerfarget garn, selv om jeg kun bruker det som kantinger på et strikketøy, eller feks striper.
    Jeg kan kjenne mykheten av det gjennom skjermen.
    Gleder meg til flere bilder av butikken, fyllt med godsaker.
    Jeg har såvidt begynt med litt juleting i butikken, men bare sånn småtterier, så man ikke går lei når det først gjelder. 🙂

  2. Jeg elsker å pakke opp garn, så litt esker og rot får man tåle mens det står på. Og her var det masse spennende! Gøy med nye garnsorter og farger. 😀

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