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  1. Design Focus - Camisole no. 9

    With more than a decade in the fashion industry, when creating My Favourite Things Louise Rasmussen's main focus has been to create classic and timeless wardrobe favourites of high quality, that lasts for more than a season: simple but aesthetically pleasing designs with thought out details, always aiming for 'the perfect fit'. Here at Knit with attitude we're huge fans of My...
    Design Focus - Camisole no. 9
  2. New Yarn - Woven Beyond

    I can not even begin to tell you how many requests I receive every day from yarn mass producers wanting to present their range to me. To be perfectly honest, most of them go completely ignored and left un-responded to, because from the very first eyesight it is clear to me they haven't even bothered to check on beforehand what...
    New Yarn - Woven Beyond
  3. Yarn Pairings - Laine Issue 18

    The Autumn Issue of Laine is here to whisk you off on a cosy weekend getaway. This issue focuses on the versatility of knitwear as we enter the autumnal season. Great for wearing outdoors or in, perfect for a little adventure. Inside this Issue there are eleven designs by ten designers that include jumpers, cardigans, hats, shawls and mittens. A...
    Yarn Pairings - Laine Issue 18
  4. Virtual Knit Night September 14th

    Did you have a lovely summer break? I for sure did! Sometimes you need a break to fully appreciate the positives of everyday life - and I am so ready to get back into the swing of it, starting with our first Virtual of the season tonight! What are you working on? I can't wait to see! I am frantically...
    Virtual Knit Night September 14th
  5. Yarn Pairings - Pom pom Issue 46

    Knitting season is here, yes really! We maybe having a bit of a heatwave here in London but there is no reason you can't start planning your autumn projects. Pom pom Issue 46 is here to help you usher in the change of season. This issue features guest editor Candice English of The Farmer's Daughter Fibers. Candice English has drawn...
    Yarn Pairings - Pom pom Issue 46
  6. New Yarn - Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk Forgarn

    Light and airy, delicate but hardwearing, squishy and fun to knit, this intriguing yarn from Hillesvåg has arrived and I'm in love. These giant round 'cakes' of yarn are Forgarn from Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk. A 'pre-yarn' which means it has been carded (combed) but no twist has been added like with more traditional yarns. This creates a delicate strand of unspun...
    New Yarn - Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk Forgarn
  7. What Maya Knits – Autumn Forager by Jennifer Brou

    I ripped up the box, flipped the flaps aside, and fell in love – hard! It was our delivery of the autumn issue of Laine and beaming up at me was the cover featuring Autumn Forager by Jennifer Brou (link to Ravelry). My favourite projects are the ones that lets me explore texture, and the Autumn Forager presented endless opportunities...
    What Maya Knits – Autumn Forager by Jennifer Brou
  8. New Yarn - Twisted Ambitions Yarn: Sweet Sock

    A collection of inspiring new yarns have arrived at Knit With Attitude. Twisted Ambitions Yarns from American hand dyer Ross Taylor. Bright neons, soft neons, electrifying speckles that all have a glow of positivity that will rub off onto your knitting making them a pleasure to knit, wear and enjoy. These colours will blow you away. They have real depth...
    New Yarn - Twisted Ambitions Yarn: Sweet Sock
  9. Urban Foraging

    With a desire to do some more natural dyeing I headed out on a foraging adventure looking for buddleia flowers which I have seen give an amazing yellow colour, I was not disappointed. Taking a bag and a pair of scissors I took a walk along a pathway near me that runs along the back of some houses and alongside...
    Urban Foraging
  10. Taking a Tour of the Leather Notions Zip

    The Leather Notions Zip from Thread & Maple has arrived at Knit With Attitude and we are in love with this handily sized and well made leather pouch. These pouches are made in Ukraine from beautifully soft Crazy Horse Leather. Crazy Horse Leather is the same high grade full grain cowhide leather that is used in saddle making. This leather...
    Taking a Tour of the Leather Notions Zip
  11. Virtual Knit Night July 13th

    What a day! You know, one of those where everything you touch turns to poo. So far I've had my server crash, deliveries missing what they should contain, a meeting I had to cancel, my blog not accepting my password, and an international shipping disaster for a delivery that was supposed to arrive last week ... and it isn't passed...
    Virtual Knit Night July 13th
  12. Recommended Yarn - Part Two

    We spend most of or days recommending different yarns for different projects. It may be a customer who comes in looking for yarn for a pattern or trying to substitute a yarn that may not be produced any more. Or even when we do the Yarn Pairings blog posts where I will try and match as best I can a...
    Recommended Yarn - Part Two

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