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socks01Now that the madness of Christmas is over, I can reflect on one of my favourite Gift Knits this year. Socks! Not 4ply ones (I wasn’t that well prepared) but wonderfully quick and fun Double Knit ones.

This year me and my boyfriend spent Christmas at our friends house. Being grateful guests and because it was the season of giving, they all got presents. I’m sure I can speak for many knitters that we reach for our needles and cast on when it comes to present giving. Not only do we get the enjoyment out of making the thing, it is nice to give someone something unique and hand crafted.

Socks have become something of a revelation to me, I have only ever knitted one other pair before these. I would highly recommend anyone who hasn’t knitted a sock to give it a go, they aren’t that scary. My recommendations would be to start with a DK/Worsted pattern. Its quick, the needles are larger, everything is done with that little bit more ease. They also make great warm boot socks, or just lounging about at home on the sofa with a cup of tea socks. For these ones I used a great free pattern called Rye by Tin Can Knits. Another pattern I haven’t tried but looks fun is Bob, designed by Rachel Coopy for the release of her DK sock yarn, its also free, so you have no excuse! But do ask us when you are next in store for pattern advice, we can help with pattern support or provide 1 to 1 lessons to help get you started.

Next the yarn! I know some people find it hard choosing yarn to knit for other people, but I like to imagine their personality and go from there. Hence I have here a bright kooky pair and a more sophisticated classy pair to match our friends characters.

In terms of DK weight yarns suitable for socks, we have a bunch at Knit with attitude. A sock needs a bit of strength and also ideally needs to be easy to wash. Two great yarns I used were: CoopKnits Socks Yeah! DK which is a tough Superwash Merino and Nylon blend and comes in 10 shades. These little 50g balls are perfect for adding fun touches to the heel, toe and cuff. Another good yarn is Fyberspates Vivacious DK a super soft 100g Superwash Merino. We have just expanded our colour range of this yarn to include some fun new shades. I must admit I am tempted to knit another pair for myself in one of the new greens.


This pair was knit with Fyberspates Vivacious DK in Sunshine for the main colour and the counter colour was Coop Knits Socks Yeah! DK in Anemoi.


This pair was knit all in Coop Knits Socks Yeah! DK, using Dionysus for the main colour and Tartarus for the counter colour.

So what are you waiting for, cast on a sock! They make fun gifts. They are easy to transport and make great travel projects, I knit most of mine on the commute! They have interesting construction and shaping. The main thing is they are a lot easier than you might expect.


3 thoughts on “What George Knits – Speedy Knits for Speedy Gifts

  1. 100% superwash merino is lovely and soft but not really hard wearing enough for everyday socks. It needs nylon to not wear right through within a few wears. Strongly recommend using a nylon blend at the heels and toes at the very least – great for contrast patterns – although some people wear out the balls of their feet first so it might not work for everyone. Pure merino is great for bedsocks though.

    • Hi Charlotte
      Thanks for your thoughts on the sock yarns. The Socks Yeah! range mentioned in this post is in deed strengthened with nylon, however the Vivacious DK is also suitable even though it doesn’t contain Nylon. The reason for this is the high twist of this yarn which adds to the strength. Also, we do have an amazing plant dyed yarn – the Sockyarn #4 by Hey Mama Wolf, this is strengthened not by nylon or polyamide but with Ramie which is a plant fibre and more eco-friendly than the traditional artificial threads. So there are plenty of choices for those that love to knit socks! Maya xxx

  2. Hello, I’m knitting the Rye socks with the Coop Knits Socks Yeah! DK and when I’ve cast on the Adult L socks it seems far too small. When you made them did you follow the pattern exactly?


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