Summer Knitting with Maya

We’re so lucky to have travellers from all over the world visiting the shop during the summer holiday season, which create a lovely atmosphere in the shop and great conversations while preparing for our own go aways as well. We’ve organized an interview with the staff of the shop to see how they plan their vacation projects and what they may be bringing along. Next up is Maya, who is preparing for her family holiday.

What sort of holiday are you going on? Are you going to be on the beach, staying local, flying, train? Does this influence your project planning?

Coming to the summer holidays, we do the same every year, we go home! And every year, following a tightly planned schedule, we find ourselves racing from place to place, trying to meet and see as many of our loved ones as we can. It is exhausting and exciting at the same time. Our families are scattered across two counties in mid-Norway, and so this involves quite a lot of travelling time by boat and car, I try to convert travelling into knitting time to wind down in between. I’m not very practical thinking when it comes to what to bring though, I just bring all the projects I might want to work on. Some summers that have had been six different ones, this year I’m bringing two.


What are you working on?

Well, this is slightly embarrassing…remember this blog post from last year’s holiday planning? I still haven’t finished my green cardi. The thing is that when you run a yarn shop there is so much knitting that needs to be done for the shop; samples, window displays, installations, I never seem to be able to find time to knit what is specifically for me – and for me only. I’ve just got the collar and sewing up to do though, and I haven’t lost interest in the project yet, nor the lush Scrumptious 4Ply Jen’s Green I’m making it in, so the Larch Cardigan is definitely on top of my knitting list this summer. I’m also working on another secret project that I really can’t reveal the details for yet, as it part of the great 5 year anniversary we’re planning for the shop – but I can tell you that it coincidentally involves more of the Scrumptious 4ply – so as you can see my bags will be filled with gorgeous vibrant colours to get that knitting mojo going!


What’s your ideal holiday knitting scene?

I actually love knitting on the road when we’re driving through the striking Norwegian scenery – there’s something with the long stretches of road, mountains, forests and fjords, that I find, works particularly well with the rhythm of my knitting needles. Having said that, I am comfortable knitting anywhere, especially if it involves a glass of red next to me.

Do you think that you’ll come back with a finished FO (finished object) or a WIP (work in progress)?

I’m telling you, I will have that cardi done!


Summer Yarn Sale

We are looking ahead to fall here, and have decided to make some room for all the delicious new yarns that we will have arriving in the fall. This is great news for you!

Continuing our Summer Sale, all of our Rowan and Louisa Harding yarns are currently 25% off the regular price. From Rowan this includes Pure Linen, Silkystones, Fine Art Aran and Fine Art Sock. From Louisa Harding it is Amitola, Azalea, Cassia, and Orielle.

Most of these yarns would make lovely summer tops, and there’s still time in the summer to make something to wear now if you’ve got speedy needles, or get started on something for next year!


Colourwork Yarn Sale

We have been thinking of bright colours and colour combinations the last few weeks. Maybe it’s the hot summer weather we’ve been having, but we want colour colour colour! With colour comes colourwork as a natural companion. Why work with one colour when you can work with a few at the same time?


With the addition of Susan Crawford’s Bowland KAL on at the moment we thought we would run a summer sale to get you excited about colourwork as well. From now until July 13 we will give you 1 ball or skein of yarn free when you buy 6 of the same Erika Knight or Susan Crawford yarn. The colours can be all different, just as long as they are the same line, perfect for colourwork projects! If you buy 12 you will get 2 for free, etc.

This promotion includes Excelana 4ply (used for the Bowland KAL), Excelana DK, Fenella, Maxi Wool, Vintage Wool and British Blue WoolExcelana_Susan_Crawford_Knit_With_Attitude

What’s in your colourwork knitting plans? Here in the shop Natalie is planning something that uses all 17 colours of Fenella, and Turun has joined the Bowland KAL. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from buying 6 of the same colour for a solid coloured wrap or jumper as well! Happy colourwork knitting!

SweetGeorgia Yarns

We wanted to go over the 4 yarns that we now carry from SweetGeorgia, our latest addition to the Knit With Attitude family. We have two silk/mohair blends and two sock yarns. You can read more about SweetGeorgia in the interview we did with the owner Felicia Lo a few weeks ago.

Silk Mist
First up is Silk Mist, a 60% fine kid mohair/ 40% silk blend. This is an fine laceweight yarn. The silk content is in the form of a silk thread which is used to bind together the mohair. This creates a delicate yarn that has an incredible fuzzy halo. The mohair is from cruelty free farms in South Africa, while the cultivated silk comes from China and India. 

This yarn shines when worked in lace and similar lightweight garments such as shrugs. The silk and mohair combination lends an elegance to the finished fabric, so it is a great choice for formal events such as weddings. Another idea is that since it is such a fine thread it can be held double with another yarn to add a bit of shine and halo to an otherwise less exciting yarn. Mohair and silk are both very warm fibres, but the yarn hardly weighs anything at all. Each 25g skein has 325y / 297m in it! That means that one skein would knit up most shawlettes, and two would easily do a large shawl. A little goes a long way!


Silk Fog
Silk Fog is the big sibling to the finer Silk Mist. Technically a fingering weight yarn, this yarn has the inverse ratio of silk to mohair, with 76% cultivated silk / 24% fine kid mohair. The yarn is made of two plies, one made of mohair and one made of silk. The higher silk content creates a yarn that has a lot of the properties we think of with silk. It has a high lustre, bright pop colours and will drape very well. The smaller mohair content will give a subtle halo to the finished fabric. As with Silk Mist, the mohair is from cruelty free farms in South Africa, while the cultivated silk comes from China and India. 

This yarn would create luxurious garments and accessories that would be warm and light. If a multiple skein piece isn’t quite in your budget, we think that one skein could be used to great effect as an edging on a larger piece, such as the border of a shawl or cuffs of a sweater. Similarly, one skein can be used to maximum impact as a snood or hat.


BFL Sock

We are very excited about having some new sheep breeds in the shop thanks to BFL Sock, a 80% superwash bluefaced leicester / 20% nylon sock yarn. BFL is known for being one of the softer sheep breeds, while being much stronger and heartier than merino. The fibre in this yarn has done a trip away and back again, as it was farmed in the UK before being sent to the SweetGeorgia team in Canada to be dyed. 

Obviously this yarn is designed to be knit up into socks, but it would also work for many other projects as well. This yarn has a strong twist for durability that also gives it high stitch definition. This means that it would show off textured stitch patterns and cables well. We are imagining it as a fine cardigan or pullover that would be worn everyday. We have this yarn in 4 different variegated colourways that could be used on their own or striped with a solid as well.


Tough Love Sock
Last but not least we have Tough Love Sock,80% superwash merino wool / 20% nylon sock yarn. As with the BFL Sock, this yarn is purpose built for socks with a high twist and nylon content. We have this yarn in 4 semi-solid colours, which are just calling out to be knit up into some socks with lots going on. Maybe something by Rachel Coopey for example? 

You may have noticed that we don’t carry a lot of merino wool in the shop, despite it’s popularity. The reason for that is concern over treatment of merino sheep, especially those farmed in Australia, and the practice of museling. We were very happy to hear from Felicia at SweetGeorgia that all of their merino comes from Peru for this same reason.