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I’m completely overwhelmed by the response, look at all these brilliant summer knits! And there’s even more, just do a search using #kwasummer to see all the wonderful contributions to our photo sharing summer fun.

Finally finish and ready for a little princess#easterandsummerknit#present#madebyme#notperfect#kwasummer

Summerknit, for the wellies. 

<a href=Garter stripe baby blanket in Solstice from the Classic Elite Yarns Verde Collection. 70/30 cotton wool blend... so nice to knit! #landbyarnco #classiceliteyarns #garterstitch #babyblanket #iloveyarn #instayarn #iloveknitting #knitting #kwasummer #knitstagram #knittingaddict #knittersofinstagram #yarn #yarnporn #yarnaddict #wip

#textures #1 #kwasummer

Rolig formiddag!

Great Divide is finished! All I have left is to block. #nofilter #greatdivideshawlkal #greatdivideshawlkalfinished #bluemoonfiberarts #sockyarn #socksthatrock #psychobarbie #manosdeluruguay #alegria #manosdeluruguayalegria #colibri #landbyarnco #iloveyarn #instayarn #iloveknitting #knitting #kwasummer #knitstagram #knittingaddict #knittersofinstagram #yarn #yarnporn #yarnaddict

#kwasummer #crochet #flowersinthesnow #solstrikke pattern at solgrim.blogspot.co.uk

It's beginning to look like a sweater

<a href=Knitting through my long list of lectures to catch up on..#studying #whydidiskipsomany #kwasummer #herringbonestitch

Strikking på stranda!

'beach-side' #kwasummer #knitwithattitute #knitting #sand #yarnaddict

And the winners are: jamisohomummy, elisabethstanghotvedt, misscara
Please send me an email with your details to maya(at)knitwithattitude(dot)com and the goody bag will be on it’s way shortly!

My Mini Yarn Crawl

…..London, England 9 787 426 people…..
…..Trondheim, Norway 181 513 people….

When moving to London for the first time more than 8 years ago I was so surprised to find that there were less yarn shops in this enormous city than there were in my Norwegian home town. This has changed somewhat over the years, a few new shops have opened in both cities, and a few have disappeared. Earlier this summer, getting ready for our yearly summer holiday back home it occurred to me that I haven’t been yarn shopping in Trondheim for ages. Inspired by the Great London Yarn Crawl, which is happening later this September here in London, I decided to ‘re-discover’ my home town and venture out on a mini yarn crawl of my own.

I wanted to visit some of my old favourites and I heard about a new shop as well, so I created a route including four shops in central Trondheim. The walking distance between them from the first shop to the last is about 15 min.

These were on my list:

Jens Hoff Garn og idé
Trondheim Torg (shopping centre)
Kongensgt 11
, 7013 Trondheim

Prinsensgate 45, 7011 Trondheim

Fjordgata 62-64, 7010 Trondheim
(no website I’m afraid)

Fjordgata 28, 7010 Trondheim

I found this little fella relaxing on the counter at Nøstebarn, how cute is he?

I found this little fella relaxing on the counter at Nøstebarn, how cute is he?

Jens Hoff is a chain of shops, five in total, in and around Trondheim. Their range of yarns is amazing, they’ve got absolutely everything! I’ve visited the one located in the shopping centre Trondheim Torg, and even though I’ve been there before I was struck by how much they have, I’m sure you could fit everything that all of us yarn shops in London have into this one shop.

Is it even possible to fit more on these shelves?

Is it even possible to fit more on these shelves?

Everywhere you turn there is inspiration!

Everywhere you turn there is inspiration!

Strikke-Bua is the new kid on the block! Run by two sisters, it is a more contemporary yarn shop comparing it to ‘the old ones’. Not as overwhelming as Jens Hoff, it is easy to get the overview of what they stock and they are quick to offer you some good advice. I particularly like that when asking how much I would need of something to complete this or that project they could show me finished garments made by themselves to compare the different yarns, nothing beats the advice given by an experienced knitter.

Luxury yarns at Strikke-Bua.

Luxury yarns at Strikke-Bua.

Garnhuset was the third on my list, and unfortunately a visit that left me a bit sad. You see, this used to be my favourite. This shop is huge, and it used to be an emporium of everything knitting. In addition to the yarn, they used to carry amazing hand made creams and lotions for tired hands and other natural cosmetics, hand crafted interiors like huge baskets and chests for your projects and yarns, crafty gifts like jewellery and such, books, all sort of needles and buttons, and best of it all it was an independent shop that was actually making it! Now, I might have the wrong impression being in the middle of the summer, but it all looked a bit empty, yes, even a few shelves that were completely empty. So if you happen to be in Trondheim, please visit this shop and give them your support, remember that this is the only way we can keep our independents, by actually shopping there!

What else does a city need, a proper yarn shop and a tattoo parlour, next to each other.

What else does a city need, a proper yarn shop and a tattoo parlour, next to each other.

Wish I could fit a barn wagon into my shop!

Wish I could fit a barn wagon into my shop!

The final shop I visited brought back warm memories about being a new mum (ages ago). This is the company that revived cloth nappies and the use/benefits of natural fibres for baby skin in Norway. Starting out as a tiny family run business Nøstebarn has now grown to a chain of shops as well, located in several of Norway’s cities. I remember how I as a new mum had their lovely products brought to me via mail order, how I wrote emails asking for this and that, and how I always received wonderful personal responses. It was such a joy to visit their Trondheim branch and see all their amazing products beautifully displayed.

Everything in this shop is natural...

Everything in this shop is natural…

...even the stuff you use to care for your fibres after they've been turned into lovely garments.

…even the stuff you use to care for your fibres after they’ve been turned into lovely garments.

And yes, did I say shopping? I certainly did, have a look at what I brought home with me:

Pure Wool and Wool/Silk from  Nøstebarn. Raw Silk from Strikke-Bua.

Pure Wool and Wool/Silk from Nøstebarn. Raw Silk from Strikke-Bua.

Finally I got my hands on yarn from Norwqegian brand Pickles, it's been on my wish list forever! I bought this at Strikke-Bua.

Finally I got my hands on yarn from Norwegian brand Pickles, it’s been on my wish list forever! I bought this at Strikke-Bua.

It’s my first day back at work typing this up, and along with my mini yarn crawl pictures I’ve flickered through pictures from the rest of our holiday. I’m sitting here with a smile on my face, thinking that this was a good one, I’m back invigorated, relaxed, and ready for the ever so busy autumn. I didn’t get around to do as much knitting as I hoped, but it really doesn’t matter, I still had a wonderful time. How about you, how’s your summer knitting coming along? Did you share your project with us on Instagram? If not there’s still a chance to get your name in the hat. Share your summer knits using #kwasummer to win summery goody bags from Knit with attitude, but be quick, I’m drawing the winners in two days, Wednesday August 27th.

#kwasummer Give Away

What’s your summer knitting project? I’m on my way back home to Norway for my summer holiday and just popped by the shop to make sure I have enough yarn for my summer knits. It seems like I’ve got sleeves issues these days, as this is what’s left to do on several of my projects, and now I hope to finish them while on holiday. Something I made sure to pick up from the shop is the Lantern Moon ‘Stitch Red’ Square Clip Knitting Bag, which is brilliant for travelling. It is spacious, which allows for several projects and yarn balls, and all bits and pieces are easily stored in practical pockets.

Square Clip Bag

I’m completely addicted to tote bags and seriously have no idea of how many different ones I’ve got already, but when spotting the Will Flirt for Gin tote at Of Cabbages & Kings I just fell so in love with it that I had to have it. Not only is it really cool, it is sturdy to, so that I can easily bring my project with me when we’re out and about.

Will Flirt for Gin

This is Larch by Amy Christoffers, which I’m doing on 3mm needles in Scrumptious 4 Ply – Jen’s Green. The large Stockinette Stitch sections have been a huge test for my patience, but as you can see the body is done and I’ve started the sleeves. I love love love this design and how it comes out in my chosen yarn, I really can’t wait to have it done and to wrap myself in it!


When travelling I try to bring varied projects to prevent me from getting bored, and since Larch is done with thin yarn and needles, I want to bring a quick knit too. This is my Make-it-up-as-I-go-Cardi. It is done on 5mm needles in the softest Pima cotton, Shiny Happy Cotton from Wool and the Gang, in Yellow Brick Road and Jog Grey. This is definitely my favourite project this summer. Look at that yellow! Every time I start a yellow round the brightness of this colour makes me so happy!

Make it up as I go Cardi

As I was taking these pictures to show you my summer knits I had this idea. I really want to see your projects, and where you are bringing them too. Lets share our summer knits with each other, and why not make an Instagram Give Away out of it as well! Follow my Instagram and use hashtag #kwasummer to show off your summer knits, when I return to London in two weeks time I’ll make a little gallery here on the blog for us all to admire. We’ll do a draw and three of you will receive a summery goody bag from Knit with attitude. Now go grab those smart phones and start snapping some pics, I can’t wait to see what you are up to this summer!