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I first learned about Mikono Knits quite a few years ago. Back in Norway I was watching the News and there was this short story about a Norwegian woman, Frøydis Dybdahl Archer, who had initiated a project in Kenya teaching the skill of knitting and enabeling women to sell their garments, providing safe income for themselves and their families. At the time we were playing with the idea of moving back to London opening a yarn shop, and I remember mentioning to my husband as we watched this story that this was exactly the kind of projects I wanted to get involved in should we decide to pursue the shop plans.


Since then both Mikono Knits and Knit with attitude have grown. When I finally had the chance to move into larger premises this was one of my goals, to make space for a small collection of ethically produced clothing, and Mikono was at the top of my wish list.



Mikono is the Swahili word for “hands”. The name of the company – Mikono Knits – therefore means handmade knitwear. The vision of Mikono Knits is to be an inspiring ethical fashion label, creating stylish and unique knitwear, thereby providing a sustainable source of income for underprivileged Kenyan women. Natural Kenyan wool and cotton are the raw materials utilised in the designs. Drawing mainly on Western designs, African ‘flavours’ are added using African handmade buttons and beads. Each garment has a tag attached telling you which one of the Mikono Ladies who made your unique Mikono Knits.



You’ll find Mikono Knits by visiting Knit with attitude’s Ethical Fashion section. Please note that the range we carry is limited, only a few sizes in each colour-garment combination, but go have a look, I’m sure you’ll find something that is just screaming your name.


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An ordinary Tuesday at work

I’ve been tidying today, sorting out the shelves in the shop. Everything tends to be tumbled around when people browse and when that happens you can’t really see all the loveliness on the shelves. But now you can!

Tidy ShelvesI also received some new products today, I’ve been so excited about getting these that I’ve managed to get them up on the webshop super quick. If you. like me. suffer from hand fatigue (I have an Ulnar Nerve Entrapment that keeps bothering me) these Knit Pro Cubics will feel like a revelation. Not only are they ergonomically brilliant, they also promise to result in uniform stitches. How brilliant is tha

Knit Pro CubicsRemember those yoga balls in my last post? I’m on a mission, and using these Rachel John Extreme Textile tools will enable me to whip one of those covers up in no time. I’ve got Extreme Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks in stock, so why don’t you pop over to the web shop and have a look at all the new goodies!

Rachel John Extreme Crochet Hook

What to do next?

Are you like me? You race through your project with breeze, then when you reach 2/3 done, it suddenly starts to go real slowly, that project seems to never finish! You start planning new projects to sink your teeth in, mentally you are already done with your project, you have moved on. The question is, do you start on the next one before finishing, just because you can’t help yourself? I’m the kind of knitter who ends up with ten to twelve UFOs (Unfinished Objects) while claiming that they are WIPs (Work in Progress), so the last year or so I’ve been on restriction, to make sure that I actually do finish what I’m working on. I’m only allowed to have two to three projects going on at the same time.


Right now I’m working on a crochet jumper for myself which I realise will take for ever to complete, but as you can see my other project; a new jumper for my youngest one is nearly done, and then I will start a new project. Yay! I have an endless list of stuff I want to do, but right now I’m between two options.


This skull shawl is just screaming my name, I noticed it as soon as it was published on Ravelry back in May and decided that this was for me. I’ve seen several versions of it popping up here and there, some simplifying how to make the eyes of the skulls, but I still like the original best. Another something that really caught my eyes last week, were these amazing yoga balls.


I’m dying to make a cover for mine, it needs one for sure, and it would transform it from this thing that is always in the way being rolled around in the flat, to a new funky interior piece with it’s function intact. That’s like win win win!!! I just can’t make my mind up on these two, at least I have a few more rows to go on Little One’s jumper before I have to make my decision.

Pinterest round up – some of my favourite yarnbombs


Still the same, but different

Those of you that have been following my blog (and my ventures) for a while know that the blog has been unusually quiet. I’ve had my thinking hat on and have been hibernating for a while. I just couldn’t make up my mind on what should happen with the blog. I did think about closing it for good, but then that would be a shame as I’ve been blogging for many years and there’s lot of history on there. But the fact is that the blog was turning more and more into a shop blog, which is natural since the shop Knit with attitude has become such a major part of my life, but it didn’t feel quite honest being a professional blog pretending to be a personal blog. So I decided to create a business blog and keep it personal over here instead. The old blog will stay online, at least for now, but all future posts will happen on here at The world according to MayaB – the Knit with attitude blog

Come in, have a look…

Blog post originally from The world according to MayaB over at maya-b.com,          published 22/11/2012

Phew… it’s done! The last few weeks have been nothing less than a triple marathon, at least, trying to get everything sorted and ready for our deadline, which we were determined to keep. And finally, we were able to invite to our grand opening (even though we finished that last coat painting the ceiling the very same morning). There’s a lovely blog post about our opening night over at <a href=”http://littlescandinavian.com”>Little Scandinavian</a>, pop over and have a read. As I’ve mentioned earlier my shop, Knit with attitude, is now sharing premises with <a href=”http://ofcabbagesandkings.co.uk”>Of Cabbages & Kings</a>, and as you can see, you’re bound to find something you like in here! So, yes we’re open, and life can finally go back to normal.

What’s going on?

Blog post originally from The world according to MayaB over at maya-b.com,          published 22/10/2012

Well, we scraped through layers of chipboard and paint to reveal the concrete walls in the back room.

And we scraped the floor as well, removing really old and horrible tiled vinyl flooring.

The floor was laid.

The steps boxed.

Shelves in progress.

And yes, then we decided to tear down the back room ceiling.

Blank canvas

Blog post originally from The world according to MayaB over at maya-b.com,          published 11/10/2012

Ten months ago, my lovely friend Jessica and I came up with this great idea. Like me, Jessica runs her own business, Of Cabbages & Kings, and like me she had a tiny little shop. We were discussing how our small premises had been good starting points, but how they now limited the expansion of our businesses, we both felt that we’d reached a saturation point and the need for more space was rather crucial for us to be able to keep growing. But moving locations isn’t that easy when you are a small independent business. The prices for bigger premises, especially if you’re hoping for a High Street location are extremely high, and very difficult to manage if you’re tiny and not prepared to drown yourself completely in debts. So we came up with this plan, to share premises. Running our two separate businesses under the same roof, meant that we could increase our space, and at the same time keep our expenses low.

No, it’s no spelling mistake, we came up with this idea TEN months ago, and this is how long it has taken put our plan into action. We had every single hick up you can think about, and we got completely tangled up in bureaucracy, paper work, solicitors and agents. It’s been an agonising process, which also forced us to close up our shops over the summer, and of course even more delays before we finally got in. But we’re in! And we will open as quickly as possible, but as you can see there is plenty of work to be done. I’ll keep you posted on the progress, but for now, have a look at our blank canvas, which we plan to make into the prettiest shop ever!