The promise of hot lazy days finally seems to become true! One thing is to narrow down and choose your holiday projects, a whole other ball game is HOW? How to pack, organise, and travel with your projects with ease? We're here to show you our favourite solutions!

Bucket Bags

This bag can handle absolutely everything - it is as tough as it is good looking! Twig & Horn's Waxed Canvas Bucket Bag is a must-have for anyone who wants to easily knit anywhere, anytime. The sturdy 12 oz. canvas construction paired with a flat bottom allows this bag to sit upright no matter where life takes you.

Iconic Bags

They're called iconic because they are! Hide & Hammer's #03 Roll Top and #08 Roll Top bags are as practical as they are stunning, the craftsmanship behind them is superb! They can ALSO be completely 'flat-packed' and will not take up any space in your luggage when not in use - and I mean, seriously - how cool is that!

When Size Matters

We did a test (on our insta feed) and can prove that our very own project totes can take nothing less than 19 glorious hanks, and that's a lot of yarn that is! Generously roomy, double lined, sturdy gusset to stand upright, practical knot style closing, comfortable carrying AND just awesomely cool looking!

Deserved Luxury

Made with exquisite skills and love from Ukraine, the Thread & Maple Pop Up bags are unlike anything else we have in the shop. The thick unbelievably soft leather literarily screams luxury - this bag is for those projects that deserve to be shown off at a skylight rooftop cocktail bar in New York, at a street café in Paris, at a SPA in Dubai - or when dreaming of such!

The Clutch

I know, I know, we tend to go on and on about the superiority that is T&M Needle Binder system, but many of you know these as more stationary statement pieces for the home, as they're quite voluptuous. So for travelling let me cast a vote for the T&M Notions Clutch. Here you have room for some interchangeables, a few cables, your scissors, measuring tape, markers, notes and more. Everything you'll need for the next couple of days, neatly tucked away in one. Did I mention it is magnetic - you won't drop a pin!

All the Needles

Well, yeah, if you are one of those that just can not live without their needles, as in all of them! Then seek no further as I have the perfect companion for you. Twig & Horn Needle Cases can be laid out flat, folded, and rolled up. It will keep the whole of your most loved interchangeable needle set organised and protected - compact space efficiency at its best - we have these classics in both funky Cotton Canvas and lush Merino Wool

Known & Trusted

An old but firm favourite, the Plystre Mini Clutch can literarily be 'thrown' in everywhere. Perfect for smaller knitting accessories such as scissors, measuring tape, darning needles and markers, but also great for holding your cards, phone and passport. Keeping all those essential bits and pieces easily at hand.

Oh You Pretty Thing!

The über-talented team of Thread & Maple designed the Notions Zip with two-way zips to allow the pouch to open ultra wide to make it easy to find even the tiniest of notions. Handcrafted in Ukraine from velvety soft crazy horse leather, each adorned with two adorable tiny tassels. Whether to use as a notions zip, makeup pouch or mini travel necessaire, the quality of craftsmanship and genuine leather will make this an instant favourite accessory.

Just Genius!

Why do we love CocoKnits, well for one, because they are so darn clever! Like with the Accessory Roll, I mean, just look at it, that thing can fit in to even the narrowest little crack-between-things-in-your-luggage kind of space. Still with 4(!) individual compartments, it can practically room almost "everything".

On the Go

Always be prepared for an impromptu knitting or crochet session with the Thread & Maple On the Go notions fold. Cute, tiny and super practical, this little wallet comes fully stocked with 3 essential notions: a pair of darning needles, mini scissors and 15 steel ring stitch markers. About the size of a credit card, it snaps shut with discreet magnets, keeping your tiny essentials secure.

When Size Matters 2

Airports and airlines generally allow for small scissors to be brought on board in the hand luggage, the main rule is a maximum length of 5cm long blades. The Thread & Maple Mini Scissors fits the bill, and will make sure annoying interruptions are avoided, while both your crafting and your travelling journeys continue.