We are exposed to inspiration and the most wonderful creations on a daily basis here at the KWA HQ, and that means that occasionally the urge to make will strike simultaneously - and hit both George and I at the same time. We will then embark on the same project, a friendly battle of the speediest needles (that I loose every single time), resulting in twin garments to wear. Funnily enough it seems like spring is the common thread here, because as I was flicking through 'the archives' I found that the majority of projects we've done together are Summer(ish) Tops. Re-stocking our favourite summer yarns and re-vamping our favourite summer kits, I had so much fun reminiscing past projects, I thought you guys might want to do a trip down memory lane with me as well, who knows maybe this is when inspiration strikes you!

Summer Light by Julie Knits in Paris

Now this is a well tested and much loved design, 4 out of 5 KWA staff members have made this at least once, it is one of the samples in the shop that receives the most attention, and I literally have no idea how many happy knitters we've sent out through our shop doors with their own Summer Light Kits. It is such an easy and quick knit fix, made in a lacey fluff yarn on large needles, with a contrasting and firmer 4 ply used for the neckline and hems to give structure and shape to the finished top.

Read more about our projects in the original blog post we did on the Summer Light back in 2019:

Camisole No.5 by My Favourite Things

Again another shop sample favourite, when visiting the shop, noticing the design and more importantly the yarn we chose for this one, as soon as someone strokes the fabric followed by a deep sigh (yes it happens all the time) we know we need to get all those colour options out - because the combination of Camisole No.5 (link to pattern) and the Scrumptious 4ply is nothing less than a tactile dream. The top will absolutely whizz off your needles because you just can't wait to actually be wearing it!

This is the original post we did on the Camisole No. 5 in 2023:

Tessellated Vest by Andrea Mowry

As soon as something becomes a craze I'm often childishly resistant going "if everyone else is making, it I'm definitely NOT!" However, sometimes I'm caught eating my own words, because if a design has everything and ticks all my boxes - how can I not! You must have noticed the Tesselated Vest by now, and I for one is struck by how versatile and beautiful this design is. For this one George and I did completely different versions, I made mine using three different colours of the Black Elephant Wensleydale, where George went stash busting for his. Since then we've created different kit versions in yarn variations we think would be just perfect - as perfect as the design itself! These Tesselated Yarn Kits are our current obsession.

And this is the post we did on the project earlier this year:

Maya and George in Tessellated Vests

We do brush up quite neatly when showing off don't we, seeing these pictures is not only a reminder of the projects themselves but also of knitting journeys shared by a dear friend, it might be the same designs but our individuality truly shines through as well, and isn't that kind of beautiful? - the thread that weaves us together and so on ...

Any suggestions to what we should embark on next? George and I are always looking for inspiration, so if something has caught your eye lately - that you think would suit us both (yeah we're vain) - and which you would like to see us knit up - drop us a suggestion below. You'll never know ...