Admittedly, having half of our delivery disappear into nothingness, circling the earth and some, just to get from Norway to the UK, does put a damper on an otherwise insanely exciting launch!

However, as my Nan used to say, those who are waiting for something good will never wait in vain.

Our wonderfully lush delivery has been found, located, and is as we speak en route back to our shop. Meaning it should be here any day now!

Awaiting our much anticipated delivery from Pickles, the crew here at KWA shortened the time building excitement dreaming up our first cast-ons. One by one we disappeared down that rabbit hole also known as Pickles' Magnificent Design Catalogue, and before any of us were able to resurface, we've all picked some pretty firm favourites. How could we not turn them into kits for you?!

Curious to see who picked what?

George's Favourites


A new funky take on traditional stitches. The Lavendelvest (Lavender Vest) is made in Fisherman's Rib, which results in a staple garment you can pop on top of practically everything.

In a lush, super-soft and thick yarn, Pickles Tjukk Merino, held together with a just as soft fluffy yarn, Pickles Soft Fuzz, this is a quick fix that you'll knit up in no time.
Kit info HERE!

Scarf O'Block

Wrap yourself up in the softest yummiest scarf imaginable – in your favourite colours! The Scarf O'Block is scrumptiously squishable, and it looks just as good on one side as the other.

Scarf O'Clock is made in a fun combination of intarsia and double knitting, where blocks of four colours on one side are contrasted with one solid colour on the other side.
Have a play, mix and match, the Scarf O'Block is about to become your new favourite design for everything scarves.
Kit info HERE!

Heleanna's Favourites


Classic still intriguing, stylish still comfortable, so simple to make with a highly addictive AND FUN spiralling one stitch cable pattern - the Spirally. This jumper is a warm comforting woolly hug that can be dressed up or down according to your mood or the occasion.

A perfect first jumper project, still exciting enough to keep an intermediate knitter interested. The construction is bottom-up with round yoke decreasing.
Kit info HERE!

Fat & Sassy Sweater

A wonderful chunky knit that will keep you snuggled up warm, however the Fat & Sassy Sweater is so lightweight it feels like wearing a cloud. In the softest Pickles Tjukk Merino and Soft Fuzz held together, this sweater is guaranteed itch free and will feel luxurious and soft directly onto the skin.

Intermediate or adventurous beginner, Fat & Sassy is worked top down with an easy cable technique. Increases and decreases are done inside the cabled sections to create the shape. On a 7mm / US8 needle, you'll whip this beauty up in no time.
Kit info HERE!

Good Morning Sweater

As easy a knit as you can get them, a classic staple piece in your wardrobe and your new go-to favourite sweater. The Good Morning Sweater might be a quick fix knit, but it's simplicity really makes the beautiful characteristics of the yarn shine. No itching, just wonderfully lush and soft, you'll wear this sweater directly onto your skin with ease – a cosy woolly hug!

Perfect as a first jumper project, the structure is achieved in basic knits and purls only.
Kit info HERE!

Maya's Favourites


Ready to take on a knitted dress, but worried about the massiveness of such a project? Cast-On Pickles' Dressilicious and never look back, because this design knits up like a dream. Figure hugging and flattering, without being tight or pulling in at the wrong places, show off your curves in style – this dress is gorgeous no matter your body shape.

Worked top-down in one piece there is no sewing up at all, you'll increase for the body and sleeves, then shape the dress with a gorgeous rib structure. With Mjuk Merino and Soft Fuzz held together the Dressilicious will keep its shape without sagging and it is so soft you'll have no issues wearing it directly onto your skin.
Kit info HERE!

Jean Paul-ish

The classic sailor's top updated, with a wink to one of the most prominent style icon of the 90ies. Incredibly easy and effortless to wear, the Jean Paul-ish looks just as good worn with jeans as over a dress. Keep your colours neutral and in tone with the original, or create your very own spin of it with bold contrasting stripes.
What ever you choose – you'll quickly fall in love with Jean Paul-ish lovely details and comfortable fit..

Worked top-down in one piece, with short rows shaping the neckline at the back. The saddle shoulders provide structure even with no seams, to create a tailored and flattering style that will keep its shape. Knit up using the wonderfully light as air and lush to the touch Pickles Soft Fuzz you'll have no issues wearing it directly onto your skin.
Kit info HERE!

Ferda Sweater

Inspired by Norwegian woods and how those pine trees reflect in the lakes, the Ferda Sweater features a striking geometric pattern. The world is your oyster in choosing your colours, with such a dramatic effect you are sure to turn heads.

Worked top-down in one piece, with a basic raglan shaping and no sewing up, this is an easy knit, but also, the bold and exciting colourwork will keep you on your toes.

Using fairly thick yarn and needles, this is a comfortable knit with a super-soft result, prepare to be swooned!
Kit info HERE!

Susan's Favourites

Twice as Hat

It's all in the name really, Twice as Hat is a doubled layered dream come true. Made in Pickles Mjuk Merino this hat is so soft and cosy against your skin you'll end up never taking it off.

Twice a Hat has a flattering fit that will snuggle around your ears, and it can be worn with basically everything, why not go for a neutral to compliment your wardrobe, or choose a neon to add that little extra pop. The construction is from the top down increasing to the brim, and then worked back up again to the top with decreases. The pattern is sized Junior, Medium and Large, to fit the whole family!
Kit info HERE!

Spor Hooded Cowl

With a nod to the wilderness of nordic winters, but stylish enough for city life. For those frozen shoulders that never seem to warm up, easily worn under your favourite coat or on its own. A soft next to skin friendly hug around your neck that will prevent any sneaky drafts to enter down the back of your spine. The solution you are looking for is the Spor Hooded Cowl from Pickles.

You'll work the cowl from the bottom up in a simple but striking rib structure. With a strand of Mjuk Merino held together with Soft Fuzz, the result is guaranteed itch free. The Spor Hooded Cowl is a lush and comforting woolly hug that you'll whip up in no time.
Kit info HERE!

Mellow Sweater

Light as a cloud and unbelievably soft, the Mellow Sweater is wonderful for layering in the colder seasons and perfect on its own for chilled summer evenings. A fluffy wonder, still with structure to keep this beauty from sagging and loosing its tailored fit.

Mellow Sweater might look like a simplistic design, but its details will keep you interested and excited – it is worked top down and incorporates a beautiful and intriguing shoulder shaping.
Kit info HERE!

Varre's Favourites

Silhouette Sweater

The Silhouette Sweater was designed as part of Pickles Katharine Knitwear Collection inspired by the iconic style of Katharine Hepburn. She was a pioneer being a woman wearing trousers, miles ahead of the other style icons of her time.
The Silhouette Sweater is a key garment, with a characteristic semi-high neckline and flattering style to be worn beautifully with trousers, skirts and dresses alike.

Worked top-down. The construction is a combination of round yoke increase and raglan shaping. A wonderful project for the adventurous beginner as you will be introduced to both short rows and stretchy cast-ons and bind-offs.
Kit info HERE!

Knit Track Suit

Knit track suit - For those more into knitting than jogging.
This design with a nod to street fashion of the 80-ies has a fun colour block construction, perfect for slow comfy nights in on the sofa, yet with an on-trend look and fit for active city life Sundays.

The sweater is worked flat, bottom up and stitched along the sides, the sleeves are then worked down from the shoulders. The colour blocking is achieved by using intarsia.
The joggers are worked top down, with short row shaping and pockets.
Kit info HERE!

Downward Spirally

Classic still intriguing, stylish still comfortable, a new take on Pickles all time favourite Spirally, now a top down version of one of the most loved Pickles design - for your quick knit pleasure!
A warm comforting woolly hug that can be dressed up or down according to your mood or the occasion.
Kit info HERE!