Pom Pom Issue 47 is around the corner and the Winter issue Monochrome is full of delightful patterns to keep you knitting through the coming months.

The theme for this issue is subtle colour combinations. So designs that focus on shades of the same colour, textural differences or shadows and depth. Designers featured are Sara Ottosson, Rebecca Clow, Alessandra Gropazzi, Alexandra Liang, Tetyana Vyazovska, Marie Régnier, Fiona Alice, Catie Robbins, Jesu Camus and Allison Lutes. There is also a recipe and an interview with Dana Williams-Johnson. So read on to see what is inside and some possible yarn pairings.

Anjou by Alexandra Liang. The waffle texture looks great in this subtle colour pairing. The pattern is created with slip stitch colourwork and purl ridges. Knit from the top down, the front and back are knitted flat before being joined to knit in the round from the underarm. Short rows make the back sit nicely on the shoulders. Neat sleeve caps are initially worked flat before continuing in the round. John Arbon Yarnadelic Worsted be very cosy and I'm dreaming of a combo of Flowers in my Garden and Ordinary Joe.

Calluna by Fiona Alice. A combination of two strands of a mohair lace or a strand of lace and 4ply make up this seamless top down jumper. A combination of texture and colour can be achieved with various different yarns. A wide staggered rib adds depth to this relaxed oversized design which is finished with a split hem. I love the idea of some of the softer shades of Twisted Ambitions Sweet Sock combined with Fyberspates Cumulus.

Celadon by Sara Ottosson. This bottom up hat is knit seamlessly with three yarns. One solid 4ply base colour and two fluffy lace. The pattern is achieved by holding one strand of the 4ply throughout and changing which of the lace weight yarns you knit. This creates a subtle fuzzy colourwork design that seems a part of the fabric itself. I think something like the soft Garthenor Preseli would work for the main colour paired with some fun Fyberspates Cumulus colours.

Chiaroscuro by Alessandra Gropazzi. I love this intriguingly graphic scarf. It hangs in such mysterious ways from lying compressed around your neck to spreading out as it drapes. You work from nine separate balls of yarn and knit the garter strips separately which are twisted and joined. Looking at images I'm not entirely sure how this is done but I would love to give it a go when the magazine is released. It's knit in a strand of 4ply and a strand of a fluffy lace. I'm going to buck the trend here and instead go with just a strand of John Arbon Yarnadelic which would give you the overall sport weight required for the pattern. Though now I have put the thought in my head and a little pile of G-uld No.4 Minis are staring at me. I would love to see a gradient stripe version and think holding two strands of No.4 in nine different colours would be amazing!

Cyanotype by Tetyana Vyazovska. These multi layered mittens and fingerless gloves are ideal for Autumn and going into the chillier Winter. Wrapped stitches and twisted rib create a crisp graphic texture. They are knit in the round in an alpaca blend so my first thought was the Fibre co Amble. This sturdy alpaca, wool and nylon blend will make great gloves.

Giverny by Marie Régnier. This skirt is knit seamlessly from the top down in 2x2 rib for a stretchy fitted look. Elastic is used at the waist to give the skirt support and the back features a short split for ease of movement. Pleasing increases and decreases shape the hips giving a nice feature in the rib stitch. Knit in a fluffy combo I would go for Fyberspates Vivacious 4ply and Fyberspates Cumulus.

Redware by Catie Robbins. This cool intarsia scarf is knit entirely in relaxing garter stitch. The scarf increases from a point to the centre and then is worked straight before decreasing for the opposite point. A checkerboard design which would be great for stash busting and creating a multicoloured version. Or I think the squish &Make Aran would look fab.

Tellin by Jesu Camus. This light and floaty jumper makes graphic use of slipped stitches and texture. Corrugated ribbing with a contrast colour that is picked out with embroidery on the raglan seam. Airy sleeves are given structure with the cinched in rib. The whole top is knit in stripes of a 4ply and two strands of a fluffy lace. I'm being drawn back to the bright paler shades of Twisted Ambitions Sweet Sock again for this one and of course you could use Fyberspates Cumulus for the fluff but I'm wondering if something like Hélène Magnússon Gillitrutt would work and give a different texture.

Thulite by Allison Lutes. At first I thought these were 4ply socks but when I looked a little closer I realised they are DK. I love having a few good DK sock patterns in my collection as they make great gifts. These are colourwork and I love colourwork socks. Knit from the top down with a colour repeat that is simple but engaging. I'm thinking Hélène Magnússon Katla would be a fun choice for these.

Viridian by Rebecca Clow This cardigan looks very cosy. Knit seamlessly from the bottom up and covered in a two colour slip stitch rib pattern. The slip stitches make it look really squishy. A simple drop shoulder shape with sleeves that are picked up and knit in the round. A squishy cardigan is saying the Fibre CO Cumbria to me.