The chunky yarn has arrived at Knit With Attitude and just in time for some fun chunky winter knits or quick Christmas gifts. It's so lovely to knit with and great for beginners and experienced knitters alike. What better time to revisit it.

&Make Super Bulky is made from a soft 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. This plump and quick to knit yarn is a chunky lovers dream. Knit or crocheted on 8mm-12mm needles/hooks this makes it ideal for beginners. Even the simplest of garter stitch looks graphic and appealing. It's perfect for chunky scarfs and hats but also makes fun oversize garments.


Each 100g ball has 80m/87yards and one ball goes surprisingly far. I knit up one as a shop sample to give people an idea of how far it goes. I loved the speed of this yarn, I chose to knit it on 10mm needles and managed to knit up 100g in just one afternoon. I started by casting on 20sts and knit every row until I used it all up. This gave me a piece of fabric that is 20cm wide and 60cm long and gave me an idea of how much would be suited for small or large scarves. See below for an approximated guide to the size of project you might get from various quantities.

One ball of &Make Super Bulky gets you cowl/snood. Cast on around 20 stitches on 10mm needles and keep knitting until you have used up the entire ball (leaving enough to cast off). This long rectangle can be seamed together to create a cosy cowl. With 20 stitches cast on you will get something that is about 20cm wide and 60cm long.

With two balls of &Make Super Bulky you start entering small scarf territory. Casting on the same number of stitches as the cowl you will get something twice as long. Approximately 20cm wide and 120cm long. Of course if you want something longer and narrower you could cast on 10 stitches and get something approximately half as wide and twice as long at 10cm by 240cm. This also works if you want a super wide scarf, cast on 40 stitches and get something 40cm wide and 60cm long. This would give you wide snood maybe, but the wider you go the more balls you will need to make it longer.

Three or four balls of &Make Super Bulky is a comfortable scarf amount. Working from our numbers above with 20 stitches wide you will end up with a scarf about 20cm wide and 180cm or 240cm long.

This is a rough guide as every knitter knits slightly differently, but it gives you an idea of the approximate size to balls of &Make Super Bulky you will need. Using this number you can also estimate the number you might need for a throw or blanket as well. For example a blanket measuring 100cm x 120cm you would need 10 balls.

Although it is great for scarves, it's not the only thing you can do with this yarn. Read on for some pattern inspiration.

image - Bash Harry

Bandar Beanie (link to Ravelry) by Bash Harry. A simple beanie hat that you can make quickly and with one ball of yarn is an ideal project for making as a gift. Or as a gift for yourself of course! Knit in the round from the bottom up it comes in sizes from toddler to adult.

image - The Knitty Pine

Digby (link to Ravelry) by The Knitty Pine. Keeping with the hats but this time mixing it up with a bit of chunky colourwork. You could knit a couple of different colour versions of these by reversion all the colour combinations. Designed to be an easy entry into colourwork with short floats and and easy repeat.

image - Taiga Hilliard

Jawbreaker Candy (link to Ravelry) by Taiga Hilliard. I love the idea of a chunky shawl, so much more interesting than just a plain scarf. Knit on 12mm needles this shawl will be super quick and also has interesting eyelet rows. A great introduction into shawl knitting and the pattern is free!

image - Joan Ho

Morning Glory Vest (link to Ravelry)by Joan Ho. How cool is this knitted tank top. Chunky cables, texture and contrast ribbing come together to make this stylish top. Being chunky and sleeveless makes it warm and cosy but avoids having all the bulk on the arms. Knit from the bottom up in the round and finishing up with picked up stitches at the arm and neck edges.

image - Holli Yeoh

Rewind Cardy (Super Bulky) by Holli Yeoh. This cardigan is from the &Make autumn/winter collection and can be knit in all weights of &Make yarn. A classic cardigan shape but made really fun by being knit in the chunky yarn. With drop shoulders, button bands and pockets this makes a great project for those wanting to try a cardigan for the first time.

image - Toni Lipsey

Starlight Basket (link to designers website) by Toni Lipsey. &Make Super Bulky is also great for crochet and would be perfect for a basket like this one. Crocheted in a sturdy textural stitch and complete with handles. This practical little basket is ideal for holding your next project.