We really enjoyed having Lotta in the shop the other weekend, it was so great meeting her and hearing about her designs. We loved seeing all the knits from her book Observations: Knits and Essays from the Forest and sharing that with other knitters who came by to see the samples and have a chat.

We are excited to see that Lotta has released the Mushroom Cowl which takes elements from Mushroom Raglan and Mushroom Hat featured in the book. The cowl is a snuggly möbius band which is knitted as a tube and grafted together. The two stitch pattern repeat is easy to remember but creates an effective textured design. It takes just two skeins of the Fibre Co Lore so it is a great way to dip your toe into colourwork or if you are planning to knit the jumper it's a great testing ground for colour combinations.

We are so inspired by the new Mushroom Cowl we have put together a kit option where you can choose two of your favourite colours and the pattern together. All you need to add are 4.5 mm / US 7 100 cm /40” circular needles for Magic loop and a soft stitch holder, darning needle and an extra set of circular needles the same size or slightly smaller than working needles. Of course I had to put together some of my favourite colour combos so if you are looking for some inspiration read on.

The Fibre Co Lore in Courage and Happiness.

The Fibre Co Lore in Gentle and Logical.

The Fibre Co Lore in Devoted and Calm.

The Fibre Co Lore in Wise and Pensive.

There are so many possible fun combinations and this is just a handful. I'm looking forward to seeing what you choose.