We spend most of or days recommending different yarns for different projects. It may be a customer who comes in looking for yarn for a pattern or trying to substitute a yarn that may not be produced any more. Or even when we do the Yarn Pairings blog posts where I will try and match as best I can a yarn here in the shop with the pattern in a book or magazine. But there are loads of amazing designs written for all of the beautiful yarns we stock. So this post is all about the 'recommended yarn', looking at designs that use yarn that we stock here at Knit With Attitude. ..

As we are half way through the year I have decided to only look at designs that were published over the past 6 months of 2023. Hopefully there will be some fresh new inspiration and something you may not have seen before to inspire you to knit with some of the yarn from our selection.

As there was so much to fit into one post I have spread it over two. Part One and Part Two. I used Ravelry for my pattern searches and all pattern links will go to the result on Ravelry. It has been a fun way of searching though the patterns by typing the yarn brand in the search field and organising the results by publication date.

Blooming Daisy Jeogori by Sedna Yang. Knit in Garthenor Beacons in the colours Tilia, Rigging and Butternut. This lovely cardigan/jacket is based on a traditional Korean garment called a Jeogori. Made using a combination of double knitting and intarsia, its's bright and bold and really fun. The designer even has child and baby versions.

Garthenor Beacons is made from 100% Organic Wool sourced from British breeds.

Kotipolku Beanie Hat by Hanna Leena. Knit in Garthenor Preseli in the colour Sycamore. Taking just one skein this relaxed beanie has an attractive double twisted rib that runs along the front and into the trim. Knit from the top down.

Garthenor Preseli is like the Beacons but is a 4ply weight rather than a DK.

Gneiss Scarf by Laura Nelkin. Knit in Garthenor Number 1 in the colour Boulder. Little scarflettes are popping up a lot and this is a rather sweet one, knit in the lovely lace weight undyed yarn from Garthenor. Worked tip to tip increasing to create a triangle and featuring a lace edge, it even has the edition of beads.

Garthenor Number 1 is an all organic naturally undyed lace weight yarn that comes in a range of natural shades created by sourcing different British Breeds.

Purpurea sweater (light) by Teti Lutsak. Knit in G-uld No.4. This one popped up on our radar a couple of weeks ago and we fell in love with it we even created kits. Worked from the top down the cables grow from the yoke creating this dramatic cabled jumper.

G-uld No.4 is a merino and Gotland blend from the masters of natural dyeing at G-uld. Colours are created by layering various natural dye colours. We have paired it with Fyberspates Cumulus for our kits.

Kraginn by Hélène Magnússon. Knit in a custom Hélène Magnusson Yarn which would be closet to Gilitrutt Tvíband in Basalt Grey. I think these knitted collars are really interesting and I like the thought of a little lace accent you can add to a garment. The also don't take much yarn and its a fun way to do some lace weight knitting without knitting a whole lace shawl.

Gilitrutt Tvíband is a 2ply lace weight yarn made from Icelandic lambswool coming in a stunning range of colours.

Woody sweater by Witre Design. Knit in Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk Blåne in the colour Ren Grønn 2141. Of all the designs I have discovered writing this blog post I think this one is my favourite. It's a simple jumper but it's done in Blåne so you know it's going to knit up quickly and be really cosy and fun to wear. It's also done in the best green ever. Worked in the round from the bottom up with sleeves picked up and worked in the round.

Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk Blåne is a heavy aran weight Norwegian pelsullgarn wool from a mill that has been spinning for over a 100 years. The fleece is naturally grey which is over dyed giving you a rich palette of colours.

Cordialis mittens by Madeleine Claesson. Knit in Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk Sølje in the colour Støvet Rosa and Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk Vilje. A cute pair of colourwork mittens with a heart motif. Perfect in Hillesvåg which is great for colourwork. I like that the thumb has the year on it.

Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk Sølje this is the same fibre as the yarn above but in a 4ply.

Rosafolia Hat by Marina Skua. Knit in John Arbon Yarnadelic Sport in the colour Les Fleurs. This art nouveau feeling design features plant like cables inspired by roses. Starting from the brim and worked up to the crown where columns of knit stitches merge together. You can buy this the pattern along with the yarn on our kits page.

John Arbon Yarnadelic Sport takes its inspiration from music and is created by blending pre dyed fibre resulting in a yarn that has a depth of colour.

Shake a Tail Feather by Rachel Illsley. Knit in John Arbon Yarnadelic Worsted in the colours The Beautiful Ones and Hey Moon. This stunning yoked jumper takes its inspiration from birds feathers. Radiating out from the neckline it is worked top down in the round.

John Arbon Yarnadelic Worsted this yarn has exactly the same properties as the sport weight but in a heavier worsted.

Duntara by Jennifer Beale. Knit in Quince & Co Sparrow I think it would look great in Sans paired with some contrast colours. Colourwork, lace and all in summery linen. This top is beautiful. It has a light summery feel but not at the expense of being plain. Worked top down with repeating bands of colourwork and lace.

Quince & Co Sparrow is an organic 4ply linen, great for lighter summer garments.

Cabled plant hanger by Amanda Hester Smith. Knit in Quince & Co Whimbrel, I have picked out the colour Fathom on the right. This cute hanger is perfect for hanging pot plants in your home and is free. With a simple cables and the edition of beads, all you need is one skein.

Quince & Co Whimbrel is a soft 100% cotton in a heavy worsted weight. Great for homewares as well as cotton garments.

Clavel by Jennie Atkinson. Knit in Quince & Co Willet, I have picked out the colour Squall on the right. This simple tunic is great for cool summer evenings. I particular like the contrast colours used at the hem edges. The cuffs have a surprise lace motif on the inside which is revealed when the cuffs are rolled up.

Quince & Co Willet like Whimbrel Willet is an organic cotton but it is slightly thinner being a sport weight.

Juntu sweater by Tiina Huhtaniemi. Knit in Tukuwool DK in the colour Manna. A classic raglan jumper is a great wardrobe staple. Knit top down this is a relaxing and easy to knit design. We love it so much we have even put some kits together where you can buy the pattern and the yarn.

Tukuwool DK is a 100% Finish wool blend of Finnsheep/Texel breeds creating a crisp and woolly yarn.