A delivery arrived from Finland. This delivery contained the most beautiful woolly yarn. That yarn is Tukuwool DK and it is now sitting very happily on the shelves of Knit With Attitude.

What arrived was the most tempting selection of 20 colours of Tukuwool DK a 100% Finnish wool. Tukuwool DK is a woollen spun DK weight, plump and woolly yarn. The woollen spinning has created a light bouncy yarn with a squishy quality to it. It feels slightly crisp on the skein and has a rustic natural wool texture. Made from two plies twisted together it is not tightly twisted like you would get from more worsted spun yarns. This does a couple things it helps trap the air creating a warmer fabric and it also creates a yarn that blooms and fills out nicely after blocking. This makes it ideal for colourwork projects, the wooly grip holds the pattern and after blocking the plump stitches bloom into a clear colourwork design. I think also cables would also look great knit in this yarn due to the crisp structural feel of the fibre itself.

Tukuwool DK is made from 100% Finnish wool and we have introduced 20 colours. Colours are overdyed on a white or grey base made from Finnsheep or Finnsheep/Texel breeds. This creates a range that has bright colours as well as darker more moody heathered colours. Absolutely perfect when choosing yarns for colourwork projects as you can pair lights and darks for maximum contrast.

A classic DK yarn weight each 100g skein has 250m. Due to the plump nature of this yarn it may even work for slightly heavier worsted weight projects, but of course swatching is always recommended. Speaking of projects there are lots and lots of beautiful things you can knit in Tukuwool DK here are just a few to get you inspired:

Koivu hat (link to Ravelry) by Lotta H Löthgren. This free pattern for a cosy hat uses three different colours of Tukuwool DK. The sample above is knit in the colours Auri, Haavu and Lehto. Knit from the bottom up with a two colour rib then changing to a single colour and knitting up the the crown for a classic beanie look. Warm and cosy and I love the colour choice of this version.

Douglas Cardi (link to Ravelry) by Andrea Mowry. I feel like this yarn has cardigan written all over it. Andrea Mowry's relaxed and comfy cardigan knit in Tukuwool DK is perfect. I love the large button band, deep ribbing and large pockets. Knit from the bottom up with afterthought pockets and sewn on button band. You can also have fun with stripes choosing lots of your favourite colours, seen here are Auri, Repo, Rohto and Selja, to name a few.

Tii Pullover (link to Ravelry) by Joji Locatelli. This jumper has a dramatic detail that runs along the centre front and back and is key to the designs construction. A left piece and right piece are knitted separately with a cabled edge in the middle. These two halve are then ingeniously joined using an i-cord that weaves the two sides together. The sample here is knit in the colour Auri.

Camellia (link to Ravelry) by Anna Johanna. This seamless top down jumper is knit in Tukuwool DK and features a beautiful colourwork yoke. I love the simple neckline as well as the corrugated ribbing which I think compliments the bold design.