In 2019 I did a whole blog series called Knit A Rainbow which ended with a Knit a Neutral post. I have been reminiscing over this series so have decided to bring back Knit a Neutral. But because the weather is hotting up I have decided to focus on plant fibres. There are some beautiful neutral shades that would make for a perfect light and airy summer top. Featured here are some undyded natural colours as well a some lighter dyed options all giving me summer holiday vibes.

Cotton and linen is a great fibre for creating a cool and breathable fabric, but also easy to care for. Ideal for wearing next to the skin and great for those with allergies or trying to avoid using animal fibres. It is also a good choice for children and babies, especially cotton because of those easy care and irritant free properties. Both drape well, especially linen which is ideal for floating summer tops. Find more out about Linen and Cotton from our early Fibre Talk blog posts. Did you know that you can also browse our website by fibre content? Follow this link for all our cotton and cotton blend yarns. Follow this link for all out linen and linen blend yarns. Read on to find out more about the yarns pictured above as well as a pattern suggestion for some summer knitting.

Växbo Lin Lingarn 12/2 - Växbo Lin's Lingarn is a 100% natural pure linen yarn. Linen is a fibre that ages more slowly than other textiles, and It becomes softer and more beautiful over time. Växbo Lin's Lingarn is certified with the Swedish Good Environmental Choice label (Bra Miljöval) because of its durability and environmentally friendly processing. Pictured above is the Unbleaced colour

image - Skeindeer Knits

Redcurrant (link two Ravelry) by Skeindeer Knits. Two strands of Växbo Lin Lingarn are held together to knit this summery top that has a touch of elegance to it. I particularly like the detail of the 'set in sleeve' look to the puffed sleeves. Which are knit along with the body making this top almost virtually seamless. Folded hems also add a nice structural element to the the hem and cuff edges.

Quince & Co Sparrow - Quince & Co's Sparrow is a smooth tightly spun 4plied organic linen yarn perfect for those lighter but oh so precious summer knits! It's also machine washable on a cold cycle and will only soften with age. Pictured above is the Sans colour.

image - MeijuKP/Tanu Kallio

Paphia Tee by Meiju K-P. This summer top has a pretty lace motif that runs along hem and sleeve edge. It is worked seamlessly from the top down ending in the lace panels that are blocked out creating the zig-zag edge. Knit in Quince & Co Sparrow.

Quince & Co Kestrel - With Kestrel, Quince & Co took the same Belgium-grown organic linen that they use in the lighter Sparrow and spun it in a ribbon structure resulting in a heavy Worsted / Aran weight that will knit up in no time! Kestrel's flat surface adds a slight beautiful texture to simple knit and purl stitches. Pictured above is the Senza colour.

image - Elizabeth Doherty

Elorie (link to Ravelry) by Elizabeth Doherty. This top down seamless top has plenty of positive ease making it a great summer layer. A slip stitch texture creates the pattern around the yoke making use of linen's slightly glossy quality by catching the light. Knit in Quince & Co Kestrel

Quince & Co Willet - Willet is light and summery, sourced from high-quality, responsibly grown organic cotton. The fibre's long staple length yields a deliciously soft yarn with a hint of pretty sheen. The colour above is Polaris.

image - Jared Lank

Azul (link to Ravelry) by Elizabeth Smith. A simple t-shirt shaped top is the perfect summer wardrobe staple. What's more this is a relaxing garter stitch knit. A few details elevate the design, like a band of stocking stitch along the shoulder and front highlight the shape and a few bands of a dropped stitch stipe near the hem. Knit in Quince & Co Willet.

Quince & Co Whimbrel - Big sister to Quince & Co's Willet, the worsted weight Whimbrel is sourced from the same high-quality, responsibly grown organic cotton. The fiber's long staple length yields a deliciously soft yarn with a hint of pretty sheen. Whrimbel is a versatile and practical 3-ply cotton yarn, destined to become a true workhorse, suitable for garments, shawls, and accessories for all seasons. Above is the undyed Almond colour a blend of white Cleaner Cotton™ and USA-grown brown colourgrown cotton.

image - Cara Jacobs

The Ina Top by Cara Jacobs. This wide v-neck tank top is identical on the front and back. This gives it a real summery vibe. Two i-cords are made to tie at the back. Full of texture but being cotton is great worn against the skin so this is a perfect summer piece. Or equally it would look nice layered over a shirt. Knit in Quince & Co Whimbrel pictured in the Almond colour.