We are very exited to be exhibiting at Unravel at the end of February so with this series of blog posts I'm having a look at what we are bringing along. Unravel is taking place at Farnham Maltings in Farnham over 24-26 February 2023. With over 70 other exhibitors Unravel is going to be great fun. We love catching up with fellow stall holders and familiar faces and the event always has a celebration feel. You can book tickets for the event on the Farnham Maltings Website.

Looking ahead to warmer weather we will be bringing along Växbo Lin Lingarn 12/2. Lingarn is a 100% natural pure linen yarn, and it is certified with the Swedish Good Environmental Choice label (Bra Miljöval) because of its durability and environmentally friendly processing.

The earliest trace of flax culture in the Swedish county Hälsingland is dated to circa 200 AD. Evidence from the Viking age indicates that women wore linen chemises under their woolen skirts. Flax has been grown for domestic use throughout Sweden. In medieval times there was a surplus of flax in Hälsingland and linen became an item of trade. In fact, linen rather than money was used to pay taxes and fines. The farming of linen has unfortunately seized in Sweden, and so Växbo Lin buys their raw fibres from France and Belgium, however situated in an area with such a rich history from the traditions of the linen's heydays - they maintain the pride and quality derived from centuries of knowledge and expertise.

It's a great yarn for summer projects as its light and airy and easy to care for. It blocks and holds its shape beautifully and garments made from it will last. It may seem an unusual fibre at first possibly even a bit string like, but the more you work with it and wash it and wear it, it will soften and yield into a beautiful fabric. If you wind linen by hand rather than with a ball winder the fibres will start to soften and it will begin to loose its crispness. It's perfect if you are looking for a vegan friendly yarn or a yarn for those that are allergic to wool. It creates light, breezy and drapey knitted fabrics or can be crocheted at quite a tight gauge for a strong structural fabric.

In need of some project inspiration we will have these samples to wet your appetite:

Everyday Attitude Tee by Susanne Sommer. This relaxed summer top brings stripes together in a pleasing way, creating a nice detail along the shoulder. Choose two contrasting colours or two complimentary ones for different effects.

Boldo by Isa Catepillán. This striking crochet top can be made with an open or closed back and shows off the linens structural possibilities in the dramatic flowing wavy detail on the front.

Mirabeau by Natalie Selles. An attractive striped summer top with a fetching lace panel. Idea for summer holidays and evenings dining al fresco. Light and cool, with fun Breton stripes, allowing you an opportunity to play with colour.