This time of year can get quite hectic. You might be traveling, you might be visiting family or friends or even going away on holiday. Whatever you find yourself doing, your precious knitting time might be disappearing fast. Of course it's still nice to keep you hands busy with something that you can do while chatting away and enjoying a glass of your favourite tipple. This is not necessarily the time of year to be starting that epic 1000 stitch lace shawl you have been dreaming of though. You could be called away to baste the turkey or entertain the kids and then when you return to your project; 'was that the tenth repeat I was on, or is that kfb, yo, kfb, k2tog supposed to be there?'. So rest assured it's something simple you need and that simplicity comes in the form of garter stitch. Every stitch is a knit, maybe with a few increases here and there, but nothing too taxing. This is a blog post just for you, gift knitting is done (or not) and these knits are here to bring you a sense of calm and focus on yourself. Just relax and enjoy these simple knits.

image - Maxim Cyr

FIELD (link to designers website) by Maxim Cyr. This shawl is the epitome of relaxing knitting and a great one to do when you have company. Engaging but simple enough to still be able to hold a conversation. Worked from point to point increasing to its widest and decreasing back down again. A simple play of colour is played out the contrast rows that mirror either side. Knit in a DK I would choose Garthenor Beacons, this organic yarn is plump and soft.

image - Martina Behm

Blauer Pfau (link to designers website) by Martina Behm. I love getting yarn as gifts, often you might not get something you would choose yourself and its such personal touch when you knit it into a project or include it in a bigger one. Knit to impress by casting on that Christmas yarn straight away and impress in the form of an asymmetric garter stitch shawl. This one has a central spine of simple diamond shapes. One skein shawls like this are made for special hand dyed yarn try it in Stranded Dyeworks BFL.

image - Tori Yu

Gartergan (link to Ravelry) by Tori Yu. Garter stitch doesn't all have to be for accessories. This garter stitch cardigan which can also be knit without sleeves as a waistcoat uses the structural ridges of garter to create a simply textured top. Knit from the top down with simple cord edging. Designed to be worn open and with a hemline that drops slightly lower at the back. I would knit this in &Make DK.

image - veera

Color Affection (link to designers website) by Veera Välimäki. Undulating garter stripes are a great way of uniting a selection of single skeins. This crescent shaped shawl features overlapping semicircles in solid, two and three tone stripes. It's simple and mediative and perfect to relax with, even better if you choose some beautiful colours. I would go for variegated Vivacious 4ply which is a joy to knit with.

image - handepande

Simple Garter Stitch Slippers (link to ravelry) by Hanna Leväniemi. Slippers are always needed this time of year and this simple pattern is great to knit for yourself or even as a gift. Worked flat and then simply crocheted together giving you a neat seam. Knit in two strands of a sock yarn or just a worsted weight yarn on its own. Great for leftovers or two strands of Socks Yeah! or one strand of Fibre Co. Cumbria.

image - tincanknits

Wheat by tincanknits. The simple collection by Tin Can Knits is my go to for any easy and relaxing project and also when I'm looking for simple shapes that are easy to knit for an effortless project. This scarf is breaks away from a completely garter stitch project by introducing a bit of ribbing. This adds a stylish touch and breaks up the garter. I would choose the plump &Make Aran.