Yes Christmas is coming, lights are going up, window displays are become sparkly and Christmas sandwiches are appearing on the shelves of cafe's and supermarkets. The festive season is beginning. It doesn't have to be about grand gift buying though and the smallest of gestures are just as important. This blog post takes a look at the stocking fillers and small gift ideas perfect for treating a loved one.

Flox - Multi Tool by Floops - These little gadgets are a great gift for those who like fun tools, once you have one you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

The Flox Multi Tool for crochet and knitting alike. Stitch Marker! Cable needle! Stitch holder! Dropped stitch fixer! Small seam baster! The possibilities seem almost endless and we are absolutely sure you can find even more!

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Give the gift of wool care with Heya Mama Wolf Wool Soap Bars or Twig and Horn Liquid Wool Soap. These no rinse lanolin rich wool washes are perfect for caring for your woollen garments. Available in various fragrances they leave your knitwear smelling great and well loved.

Shop for: Twig and Horn Liquid Wool Soap.

Shop for: Heya Mama Wolf Wool Soap Bars.

Thread & Maple Mini Scissors - Are you the sort of person that likes a pair of scissors in every project bag, just in case? These mini scissors are perfect for on the go thread snipping or dealing with yarn ends. The small size makes them a handy edition to your project bag. Despite their minuscule size, measuring just 2 3/4 inches, they have large holes for a comfortable grip.

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Stitch markers you can never have enough right?! Whatever their preference they are always a welcome edition to a knitters collection of tools. These ones from Cocoknits are made from brightly coloured nylon coated steel and are available as Opening, Ring or Split Ring types.

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Shop for: Coloured Ring Stitch Markers.

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Knit With Attitude Notebooks - These plain or ruled notebooks are great for everyday note taking as well as keeping track of your projects. Handmade with foil blocked covers of the Knit With Attitude logo.

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Looking for something for a keen mender or embroiderer these G-uld Embroidery Threads are a great gift to start them on a darning adventure. Naturally dyed by G-uld in Denmark they have created a range of stunning shades ideal for a multitude of projects. Great or on their own or combined with each other. Match them with Cocoknits Tapestry Needles which are great for darning up holes in knitwear.

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Cocoknits Needle Gauge - I don't think there is a knitter out there who hasn't held a needle in their hand and gone 'what size is this?'. This handy and pretty little gadget will be well received.

Shop for: Cocoknits Needle Gauge

Twig & Horn Maker's Hand Balm - A crafter's hands need much care, especially in the winter months. Maker's Hand Balm is formulated specifically for anyone who works with yarn and fiber. The balm tube allows you to put on just the amount you need and once massaged into the skin you are ready to pick up your work again! Available in Ginger + Bergamot or Rosewood + Black Spruce scents.

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Cocoknits Yarn Snip - These little snips are great for cutting threads and yarn and have a rustic quality due to being made from one piece of forged black steel. Perfect for the knitter who likes a more unusual way of snipping yarn.

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Buttons - Buttons may initially seem like a strange gift but I love receiving them. A careful selected group of nice quality buttons is a thing to be treasured and our selection from Textile Garden is no exception. Usually you need around 6-8 for a cardigan and even less for a baby item, making them an affordable gift. Pictured here are Natural reddish brown wood button, Matt black button and Natural colour bone fish eye button.

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Kitchener Stitch - Enamel Pin - This has to be the most useful pin ever! A book-like design featuring a hinged cover with one of the simplest but easily forgotten techniques inside. A great thing to pin on to your project bag.

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Just because a tape measure is a functional tool doesn't mean they can't be beautiful. A great gift for keeping track of gauge and any other measurements a knitter might need. They also fit neatly into your project bag making them ready for whenever you need them.

Shop for: Thread & Maple Maple Tape Measure.

Shop for: Cocoknits Tape Measure.

Project Picker - Enamel Pin - This pin has a bit of humour built in. A revolving project picker arrow can be spun around to help that indecisive knitter choose their next project. Featuring the trademark Twig & Horn color palette, this enamel pin pairs beautifully with any project bag.

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These are gifts to inspire adventure. The iKnit7 Passport is a beautiful item in its own right but also features a page each for seven yarn shops and a challenge to visit each one. The Garment Tags are a great way to add a personal touch to you special hand knits. They are available in two different shade options and feature the iKnit7 logo.

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