It continues to be a whirlwind here in the shop with plans being made, construction under way and yarns and notions arriving ahead of our shop expansion later this month. It is this last point thought - THE YARNS - that you’re probably most interested in, so let’s talk about that!

Knit With Attitude has always been about doing our part to make the world a better place. Many small choices can make a big difference which is why we’ve always taken the time and care to learn the stories behind our suppliers to make sure they’re the right fit for the shop and that they share our values and ethos. With new space to fill, this has been at the forefront of our minds as we have sourced new yarns. It has also been an opportunity to welcome back yarn lines that we’ve had before but ran out of space for!

So just which new yarns and tools are we welcoming, or welcoming back with our reopening? Take a look:


&Make from The Fibre Co.

We love UK producer The Fibre Co and their luxurious yarns. What we love about &Make is their commitment to creating a yarn that has a lower environmental impact using fair trade fibres but that is at an accessible price point. Plus the new colours are so fun! So many people started or came back to knitting and crochet during the pandemic and various lockdowns and we love that The Fibre Co are making sure that these makers are welcomed into the fold.

Garthenor Beacons

Garthenor Organic

Already a strong favourite in the shop, we love what Jonny and Sally are doing on their farm and how they’ve built a new mill to be able to continue delivering exceptional UK yarns. Garthenor were the first yarn company in the UK to be producing organic wools and have worked to introduce organic standards in the industry. Their yarns are all GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified - the highest standard for organic textile production.

We already carry Garthenor in the shop but are expanding our offering to include more colours - and new to us Beacons!

Naturally dyed G-uld


Another brand we already carry in the shop but are excited to add more of is G-uld, a small hand-dyed yarn company from Denmark. All of their yarns are naturally dyed with a palette that is rooted in tradition and where the past and present meet seamlessly. We are delighted to be adding more of everything to our G-uld selection, No. 4, No. 4 minis, Alpaca, and Embroidery Thread, just MORE of EVERYTHING!

Norne Yarn

Norne Yarn

It makes me so happy to bring Norwegian yarns to the shop and I’m thrilled to add more Norne Yarn to our offerings. Hand dyed by Tuva Hoen in Oslo, Norne Yarns are a range of semi-solid yarns on luxurious bases that glow and shine. Tuva’s palette is inspired by Norse mythology with exquisite results. We're expanding the colour range in all our much loved Norne blends - and introducing Tuva's luxury Lace in 100% Mulberry Silk,

(And if you’re interested in hearing more about Tuva’s inspiration, together with Julie Knits in Paris she’ll be joining us at the end of October to tell us all about her inspiration, process and the stories behind her yarns. Click here for more details or to reserve your place for this event!)

Noro Yarns


Another brand we’re welcoming back to the shop is Noro from Japan. Noro are dedicated to both nature and animal welfare and their commitment resonates with us. They also make the most insane fibre and colour combinations that are nothing short of spectacular. We are so excited to have the room to bring this popular brand back to our shelves, starting off with our all time favourite Silk Garden Lite.



The stories collected from their free-spirited life living on a boat and traveling along the UK’s canals and rivers are the inspiration behind Riverknits, a new brand we’re introducing to the shop. Riverknits wool is all sourced from British breeds and spun in the UK and hand dyed by Becci in deep, richly saturated colours.

Stranded Dyeworks

Stranded Dyeworks

We’ve been following UK indie dyer Jude since the very start of his yarn dyeing adventures and it has been wonderful to watch him build his brand and colours with thoughtful consistency. Stranded Dyeworks also thoughtfully considers the environmental impact of their yarn and their yarns are all mulesing free and their Blue Faced Leicester yarn is sourced from right here in the UK. Additionally, all of Jude’s superwash yarns are treated in highly regulated facilities in the UK and South America where they are coated in a resin that biodegrades along with the wool.

Twig & Horn

Twig & Horn

Who doesn’t love a good project bag? It’s a bit of an obsession for us here at Knit With Attitude to find the best ones! Happily, the waxed canvas bags and needle cases from Twig & Horn are second to none. They also make a fantastic wool wash that is all natural and a no rinse formula to make taking care of your handmade items easy peasy.

Woolly Originals

Woolly Originals

Sarah from Woolly Originals is a dear friend and her bags have been on top of our wish list for the shop for years. As a textile artist her craftsmanship is second to none and I appreciate how her consideration for nature and social generosity result in the most wonderful bags for your projects and tools.

We can also finally tell you that we have collaborated with Sarah to bring you a unique Nordic Star bag in Knit With Attitude colours. These bags are extremely limited in quantity so when they’re gone, they’re gone! (If you’re not able to join us in shop on our reopening weekend, make sure you’re following us on Instagram for a chance to win one of these gorgeous bags!).

And this is only the beginning ...
Stay tuned for even more new things coming later in the autumn!