So much has been happening here at Knit With Attitude and our shelves are full of the most amazing yarns and accessories. You can read about them in our introductory post New Yarns - New Joy! After the whirlwind of restocking the shop and the excitement of the opening party I can now sit back and take a closer looks at all the beautiful things that have arrived. So without further ado lets explore the stunning hand dyed yarns of Stranded Dyeworks.

(Picture by Jude Harper)

Stranded Dyeworks is the brain child of Jude Harper, a queer owned, small batch yarn company based in Fife, Scotland. From humble beginnings in his parents' kitchen, to a dedicated industrial dye studio, via a garage workshop and a couple of years being run from his back bedroom, Jude has organically developed his business into the prominent yarn dyeing studio it is today, with a distinct style where experience and skill seeps through every single strand of fibre.

Stranded Dyeworks
(Picture by Jude Harper)

We have introduced Stranded Dyeworks BFL Nylon. This is a sturdy, high twist 4ply that is 80% Superwash Bluefaced Leicester Wool and 20% Nylon. I love these tightly twisted yarns as they hold such great definition and are super hardwearing. This makes it great for any type of garment. The Bluefaced Leicester is sourced from the UK is one of the softest of the British breed sheep. The superwash yarns are treated in highly regulated plants both in the UK and in South America. They are coated in a resin that biodegrades along with the wool, should it end up in landfill. With the added nylon this makes it a great yarn for those who like hand dyed and speckled socks. I'm also imagining great cables, lace and textured projects being stunning. In the hand the yarn is soft with a slight crispy sturdiness. I would have no issues wearing it against my skin. It is also machine washable on a delicate cycle at 30° making it great for kids and babies.

The wonder in Stranded Dyeworks is Jude's mastery of colour. The yarns are speckled and layered in a tonal harmonious way. We have 16 colours that range from deep moody speckles of dark grey and deep pink to neon bright tonals of eye popping yellow and orange. This yarn would be great knit just on its own for the most beautiful project or knit with a contrasting solid. The more I look at the wall of colour I keep imaging three skein fade projects, so I have put together a couple favourites below:

Above contains Stranded Dyeworks BFL Nylon in Antagonist, Flower Crown and First Frost.

Above contains Stranded Dyeworks BFL Nylon in Patisserie, Industrial Kingfisher and Maritime.

If you are looking for a little pattern inspiration for what to make with this yarn take a look below:

image -  Marceline Smith

Walk Good Socks (link to ravelry) by Marceline Smith. A simple pair of socks is always a good go to project for hand dyed yarn. This pair has the simplest of textures. Knit from the toe up with an intriguing looking heel and also includes tips for getting the best fit.

image - Laura Chau

Serviceberry Mitts (link to ravelry) by Laura Chau. I love the look of these fingerless mitts. The bold ribbing is really crisp and neat and I think Stranded Dyeworks BFL Nylon would give really sharp details and be nice and sturdy to wear on your hands.

image - Joji Locatelli

Spector (link to designers website) by Joji Locatelli. A hand dyed yarn needs a faded project recommendation right! Stranded Dyeworks BFL Nylon would give real structure to the trellis pattern. Knit from the top down and in the round, fade between 4 colours or more.